Ask Americans

What's your favorite regional delicacy? Or barring that, what's your favorite regional junk or fast food?

Texas: Beef barbecue, specifically brisket (suck it, Kansas City!), Tex-Mex comfort food (jesus christ I would punch somebody for some proper tamales and chili con carne). Then, for one that's actually lesser known outside the state, good Texas-Czech kolaches and klobascneks are amazing....

Can'o'worms on a Friday: What do we think about tipping and the tipping culture? (

Me? Life would certainly be simpler without it. I am also not sure I'm loving the "tip creep" that cashless payment systems are introducing. But I don't hate it. It just sort of is what it is, part of the American landscape. It affects the type of service we receive and the type of personality that will thrive in a tough job....

Have you experienced any cultural differences or challenges living in different regions of the U.S.? (

I haven't left my state, so personally I haven't experienced this, but I am curious to know if other Americans have? I'm sure extreme examples like going from the North to the South are quite different. I've seen my fair share of confederate flags here in the Midwest, but I can't quite image seeing them on every other porch lol

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