A few more low-effort answers to seed the mag. (kbin.social)

  • Do your high schools have locker-lined hallways? Frequently yes.

  • Why is your beer so bad? The people who want yellow fizzy alcohol water can get it for cheap, but the the number and variety of local breweries making decent or excellent beer is extremely high.

  • Why don't you just ban all guns? It's not that simple.

  • Why do American football players wear helmets and pads? Because hits that would make a Youtube compilation of worst Rugby red cards occur multiple times in every game.

  • Can I see New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles on my one-week trip? No. Just... no.

Any others?

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you might wanna pin this post btw

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I've been noticing some federation issues with pinned posts particularly. I pinned this, then checked on lemmy.world and this thread (this thread only) had disappeared. Weird.

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dont forget, "why do you call football soccer?" lol

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And for the record, it's the English's fault. They came up with it trying to be hip in the 1880s. Association football --> Assoc. football --> [insert Englishness] --> soccer. We just adopted it and retained it as our own ways of playing football diverged. One of my most niche interests is how team sport evolved in parallel in the US and the UK.

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really? i didn't know that, that's pretty interesting. cant wait to tell non-americans this when they ask me lol

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If they ask for the receipts...

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In the US I refer to football as "American Football" specifically because I'm a fútbol (aka "soccer") fan.

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More power to you, and I can see a lot of contexts where making that distinction would be important. Anyone who gives you guff for your choice is being small minded.

Just save a little grace for the ‘soccer’-sayers. Some of us are great fans of fútbol as well. I myself have been following MLS for almost twenty years.

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