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I had heard of Mastodon being a Twitter alternative but since I never use Twitter I never looked into it. Now with reddit imploding this is my first real foray into the Fediverse. Started at Lemmy, made an account with kbin, and once I figure out how to link them together or access kbin via my Lemmy account on Jerboa I expect I'll probably delete one of the two accounts.

But it's a process, that I haven't quite figured out yet. I think Fediverse as a whole, while being a relatively simple concept, in practice is complex enough to confuse a lot of otherwise fairly tech savvy people. I'm not a hobbyist but I've got history with programming and networking, so I'm no stranger to niche tech, but I'm finding myself occasionally confused by things here.

Fediverse is great tech that I think is being held back a bit by its presentation. But I'm here now and I expect I'll probably be here a while, so here's hoping we can build the sort of community we're looking for here.


I'm so fuckin confused. Fediverse? Federline? Minotaur? Mastodon? What the F?


This is almost exactly my story


Well said, and I would echo many of the same sentiments. I'm still not sure I understand federation and the fediverse, but I also feel like I really shouldn't have to understand it and I deeply do not want it explained to me.

My extremely weak laymans understanding is that it's like there are a bunch of online community centers that host a variety of different groups but because they are all loosely related you can use your same ID to access other ones just by signing up for this one...and a lot of the different community centers may have similar or connected groups...I really don't know.

I know I do wish I saw more content from my "magazines", it doesn't seem to change much yet (I assume that will change with time as they grow). Maybe the next step for me is to figure out what other "community centers" I have access to that I might want to connect? I keep hearing about Lemmy so that's probably my next stop.

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Just think it like email.

Your Google Mail account can interest with Outlook or self-hosted email.

Or if you want to compare it with existing social media, just imagine your Twitter account can follow your friend's Instagram account and interact with it.


jerboa? down another rabbit hole i go


lol, that just an app, similar to boost for reddit.


Do keep in mind, Jeroba is very much in beta right now. I'm sure it'll improve a lot as time goes on, but currently I feel that the webapp is a more polished interface on mobile vs the app.

In short, don't be turned off by some peculiarities if you go the app route!

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My first time as well. I work in software and I'm still finding this all a bit intimidating. I’m willing to learn though so I’m sure it will become easier with time.

Haven’t heard of Jerboa until now. I guess I’ll add that to the list of things to research.

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I used Mastodon but this my first time yes.


Been on for a couple of days and i just opened this account on kbin. YOU CAN LINK THEM? As a reddit refugee i find the fediverse confusing, there's a steep learning curve.


Lemmy is my first

I love the idea, I hope it grows in popularity

I wasn’t aware of that when I first signed up, but a few days in I learned that


Yes it is the first time. I’m liking it. I’ve never tried Mastodon as I was never into Twitter and the two seemed similar.

mo_lave, (edited )

Yes. To put to simple terms, the Reddit refugees moved from "the Reddit" to "a reddit that also interacts with other reddits". You can consider the whole fediverse as a "superreddit"


Kinda. Mastodon is fine, but didn't scratch the Twitter itch (which fortunately went away on it's own due to the way Twitter has gone) but this seems good. Reminds me of early days reddit, before the corpos took it.


First time user. No issues so far, but I don't fully understand what I'm doing. I've seen pro/con threads that don't make sense to me yet, but maybe that will come with time.


Lemmy is not my first time on the fediverse, nor is this my first time on Lemmy. I got my start with Mastodon a few years ago and slowly lost interest. A few months ago I found out about CalcKey and joined an instance of that. Now with the reddit situation I have ended up also joining the Lemmy server run by the same people who run the CalcKey instance I'm on (I've got the same username on both CalcKey and here on Lemmy)


Similar story here. I heard calckey is nice for micro blogging. Are you still using it as well?


Yes. Now I'm learning a new fun area to hang out in.

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Great question.

Vulcan already has Mastodon account (just rejoined Mastodon yesterday after years of hiatus and closure of old server) but this is the first time Vulcan has a Feddit (federated Reddit-like platform) account in the Fediverse

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I'm still pretty new, I'm on kbin and what I love so far is I can see content and comment on threads from kbin and Lemmy. I'm still learning the whole fediverse thing, I do have a mastodon account as well but I still don't really understand the connectedness of it all yet.


First time discovering it as well. I’m now not quite sure yet if all the comments in this thread are only from kbin or from the other platforms as well. But I enjoy discovering the fediverse


I had (have) a Mastodon account, but I didn't put in the time and effort to understand the fediverse, so it's just been sitting there. Now, with kbin and lemmy I see the potential and I'm off to explore!

I also like the fact that 'fediverse' is pronounced very similar to 'Faits Divers'. Litterally 'miscellaneous facts', but is used for smaller news items, anecdotes, tidbits of information, ... which seems very appropriate.


I’ve been using XMPP/Jabber since around 2005, but that’s only federated, not part of the fediverse ;)

As Mastodon seemed more like modern social media (aka. follow influencers/famous people, not people you know), I never used it. I did once try Secure Scuttlebutt, but besides the super janky experience (in comparison, Lemmy is a polished idiot-proof apple experience), it ended up simply not being interesting to me. So Lemmy/kbin is my first proper fediverse usage.


I've created my first Mastodon account five years ago, but wasn't using it too much until 1-1.5 years ago if I remember correctly, when it pretty much replaced Twitter for me.


I tried mastodon when Twitter imploded but honestly I thought it sucked so I didn’t ever use it. I was apprehensive about trying lemmy, but I like it and it seems like a viable alternative to Reddit, so much so that I overwrite all my Reddit comments and post on my 10 year old account and deleted it. Excited to use a platform that doesn’t accommodate nazis, and doesn’t exist to profit off of its user base!

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