Dwarf fortress and RimWorld are both… Pretty ugly

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Yeah especially Dwarf Fortress. The gameplay:graphics ratio is over 9000


That’s improved now, though, with the steam release. Before the Steam release I exclusively played DF with Ascii graphics. Honestly, I thought it was pretty.

Siege aftermath



I LIKE ASCII graphics done well. It tried playing the version of Stone Soup that uses tiles and couldn’t do it.

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It does have a certain charm. I never really played that much tbh, my favorite part was reading the sagas of fortresses on the forums. Those were always so unpredictable and hilarious.


I have had some people refuse to even try Baba Is You, because it looks ugly.

I had The Hex a few years even installed, so I have tried it, but only after getting familiar with the style of Daniel Mullins’ games with Inscryption I pushed far enough to get interested. Still very clunky, but worth it.

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I have had some people refuse to even try Baba Is You, because it looks ugly.

Oh come on, the art style is charming!


Baba is… Fuck you, you’re stupid, this game is stupid. Fuck you.

I’m stupid 😔


Who is saying that Baba is You is ugly? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that opinion. It’s always just been “charming Flash game aesthetic” for me


I love both the style and soundtrack of that game. Maybe it’s a little too “lowfi” for some people. That’s the only way I can imagine someone not liking it.


I felt like a the Hex was one of the most innovative games, I loved it soooo much.

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Some people find Slay the Spire’s art ugly. Personally I find it creative and original, definitely more personality than if it was just another pixel art game. 😁


I don’t find Slay The Spire that ugly artwise, I don’t find it beautiful… but what I do find ugly is how terribly Slay The Spire uses screen space. It has an AWFUL UI in terms of using space intelligently for important bits of gameplay information and I would love to play it on mobile (I play other deckbuilders on mobile a lot) but I will never touch it on mobile for that reason.

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Really? Why do you say so? I always found it pretty usable, in mobile some buttons being so near the edges can be pretty uncomfortable tho.

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I remembered thinking teleglitch was absolutely fascinating a while back. Not exactly a pretty game but it’s not ugly either, the chromatic aberration effects on collisions is real pretty imo, even if the underlying art is rather spartan


Deadly premonitions, everything about it is jank but I love it


I never got far in it, but I didn’t see anyone mention Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. It’s fun to explore a world where everyone has noticeable neck seams.


That game is literally so unhinged. If you enjoy KOTOR or Morrowind era RPGs then VTMB is a must play.

Zero shame in cheating to progress, some of that combat is like literally impossible. Awful game design.

Fucking iconic memorable characters story setting dialogue, everything that isn’t gameplay is 11/10


Hardly ‘hidden’, but there is always Nethack


Jump Ultimate Stars, not everyone is fan of the sprites 🫤

To be fair I have seen better, but they have their charm.


Zombie Highway for iOS

Planetside 2 for PC

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Stardew Valley, hands down one of the graphically ugliest modern games, like 80’s console style. Though it’s a really good game and I’ve put a of lot of hours into it. People say it’s meant to look that way as intentional retro styling, but damn it’s ugly. I actually added a mod on PC to use AA on the blocky graphics and it makes it look a lot better.


Stardew isn’t 80’s console style at all? It’s just pixel art? And doesn’t even look bad.

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Dk what you’re talking about Stardew valley has some incredible pixel art

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Depends on the monitor. It’s pretty horrific on a 27" desktop monitor. On a phone it’s probably good. Anyway, like I said I added an AA mod and it looks a lot better on the PC screen, still pretty crude though. I play a number of 2D games on my PC and Stardew Valley has outstandingly pixelated artwork in comparison. That’s not to say I don’t like the game, I like it a lot and have put a good number of hours into it.


You can not like the art style of Stardew Valley, but calling it ugly in the way DF, TOME, DCSS or other games that have very rudimentary graphics styles are I think is missing the point in this context. A lot of effort and production time was put into Stardew Valley’s graphics, it is undeniably not “ugly” the way other games that developers focused all their time on gameplay instead of graphics are.

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Would Cruelty Squad be cheating?


Seconding this; Cruelty Squad is hitting that Deus Ex/Quake itch for me right now


Wow that art style is… something

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There’s another one with a similar kinda vibe (the vibe being “shitpost but it’s a video game”) called Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengence of the Slayer. I haven’t played it but it looks great. Er… Gameplay wise anyway lol.


Looks like its going for a vibe similar to the original Doom! That trailer on the steam page was amazing.


Yeah. A lot of the UI seems to be intentionally bad. It’s actually a pretty hard game. A good example is reloading. You do this by holding right click, moving the mouse down then up and letting go of right click. I think the visual parts of the experience speak for themselves from the screenshots but my point is that even a lot of other stuff in the game is just wack.


It’s like… 2001 shareware shitpost flavored.


gorillas.bas Classic😎


Project zomboid


Simutrans is great, but looks like dogshit.

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pak192comic and pak128britain actually look half decent, imo, but on the whole you’re right.

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