I wish PeerTube (or other similar alternatives) would seriously take off. But the cost of operating such a service at a large scale, and the fact that most content creators don't even try to find or to set up alternatives, makes it very hard for YouTube to fail. It's pretty sad because many of these same content creators will frequently complain about censorship and demonetization, without actually doing anything about it…

vortexal, avatar

Never, the big name content creators will never boycott YouTube like Reddit mods for large subs did because YouTube pays them and no one takes alternatives seriously enough to even just mirror their content on an alternative. I've been trying to support YouTube alternatives as much as I can but I'm only one person, I'd be naive to think that I alone could make a difference.

fear avatar

Youtube regularly spits on its content creators and they come crawling back for more, that's how few alternatives Youtube has out there. Youtube is not currently at risk of death. Reddit might hemorrhage more users come July, but it hasn't died and won't die anytime soon, either.

ZILtoid1991 avatar

Platform deaths will be very slow, very long, and very painful.

We all hoped Twitter will have one major and spectacular screw up, which will end the platform. It didn't. Instead Elon started to sell the previous verification to anyone with at least $8 to spare, made the API a paid feature, made it so his yes men will be pushed up to the top, dismantled the moderation team and system, and started to promote far-right conspiracy theories. Sometimes certain features stop working.

I guess if reddit doesn't start to screw up even more, they can even survive. Maybe even recover. But if they're continuing to learn the wrong things from the Twitter fiasco, they'll go downhill, make more and more people to leave, until the site is mostly abandoned. The opsec specialists already left twitter, LGBTQ people leaving it slowly, and even Japanese artists are now pulling double duty with Mastodon. I'll try to promote the fediverse in my country too, as who knows when will Elon decide to silence the Hungarian opposition, and Hungarian Facebook already has issues with the report system, seemingly on purpose.


Youtube'll probably last for a while, but it feels like it's getting shittier each year. Search is terrible now, and then there are those in-video cards you can't get rid of, even though there's a checkbox in the settings (at least on Browsers) to get rid of them, they don't actually go away unless you use an adblocker.

Plus, the algorithm is stupid, and when you search there's no common sense filters like don't show things I downvoted, or don't show things I've already watched today. At the very least, Youtube needs some serious competition for it to shape up and stop doing dumb things that annoy everyone.

I hate that Tiktok's run by the Chinese government to spy on people of interest (like journalists), but it's giving Youtube some much needed competition otherwise.

missingno avatar

Youtube is far too expensive for anyone to try and run a competitor to. I don't think we'll ever see a replacement.

Google is still losing money on it, and might never make it profitable. There's a real risk that Youtube just dies on its own and nothing replaces it.

I_Miss_Daniel avatar

There were some blockchain based distributed video hosting experiments happening a year or so ago. Can't remember the name of them at the moment. Might have been all hype no substance; but bittorrent still works, so maybe it's doable.


missingno avatar


Yeah no.

It's not like there haven't been attempts at other video hosting services. But nothing could ever scale up to the size of Youtube.

Burp avatar

I seriously think something like ipfs/filecoin will take off someday. Maybe not those specifically, but I feel like they are on the right track?
Distributed and encrypted file hosting, where hosts are compensated based on how much data they provide/availability. If you could pull files from multiple sources and be closer to the end user (edge), might make for some good results. The one cool feature was that links for files would change if the file changed. Nice security layer.
I realize there is a ton of shit to workout to make that work. It could breath some life into old colo’s. The compensation part is the hard part to work out.
Similar to torrents and p2p, but using a blockchain to verify files and reward transactions.
They had a working version of a YouTube at one point, it was pretty impressive.


Reddit isn't even close to dying yet.

mmmplak avatar

Youtube is one of the things that less techie people think of when it comes to internet videos. It’s quite mainstream and will stay for long.


Youtube has already become a verb much like google.


There are already many other sites and as YouTube keeps getting worse and greedier there will probably be more and more creators going elsewhere.

One example is firearms content moving to utreon. And obviously nsfw which has never been welcome there being available on many other hosts.

YouTube is not the only possible video service that can exist in the world.

It's unlikely that another monopoly can take over their business as a whole, but YouTube can definitely fail and video hosting has long been fragmented.


The worst thing about youtube is that they forced all my favourite youtubers into becoming streamers, and that's just an entirely different type of content.


Reddit isnt dead yet, and it will be much harder for youtube to die. Kinda hard to make creators move when its their job, and without them moving, there is no chance of any progress occuring.

Right now, the best thing they can do is host their content on youtube AND other alternatives like Odyssey. This lets them make the same money they always had, but also gives people an option to watch it somewhere else. Unfortuately, your average youtuber is completely clueless about this option and so you mainly only see tech people doing it with only a few exceptions here and there.


Odysee and Rumble are actually really solid alternatives to YouTube. They're just missing the content. No, they're not as good as YouTube, but they're good enough.

aegisgfx877, (edited )
aegisgfx877 avatar

The problem really is that if Odysee for example got really big, one of the other corporate giants would just buy it and turn it into shit, there seems to be no winning this battle in the long term.

edit: wow I just want there and its pretty obvious they have zero moderation there, the content is overrun with conspiracy garbage and anti-government insanity. That place is DOA.


That’s what’s awesome about Odysee: it’s built on the LBRY blockchain protocol. Anyone can host on the network. What you said is accurate for Rumble, but more competitors usually keeps all the players in check.


Rumble is lacking so many simple features that YouTube has, like being able to just listen to content while the screen is off. YouTube seems to be the only video streaming app able to do this.


Only if you pay for YouTube Premium tho. I use the YouTube mobile site with either Brave or Firefox + Video Background Play Fix extension to workaround this silly limitation.

Senseibu, avatar

Peer Tube could take off by us uploading to it and linking it from Lemmy

exohuman avatar

The only problem is YouTube has a way to monetize their videos, attracting creators who work to make money on the content. PeerTube doesn’t have that yet.


Handling ads and payments is a whole other issue that federated platforms haven't even begun to tackle yet. Crypto might be a way forward but it's messy enough that it might turn some people off.


Something like Patreon should work just as well with peertube if it's otherwise suitable, right?

wr4th4 avatar

i think youtube is doing much better than reddit


Reddit is dead?


Reddit is dead?

aegisgfx877 avatar

not yet but it was coughing up blood this morning!

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