I miss JustRolledIntoTheShop

Was a good for lols and learning about current car stuff

Not aware of a fediverse equivalent


Yes! Best I can do is change a flat, but I grew up with a dad and brother that liked to tinker and that sub cracked me up.

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This. None of the major automotive subs that I subscribed to on the old site even participated in the blackout.


Just use a cars fed.

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For me it’s all of the academic subs.


Beauty communities seem conspicuously absent for topics that have a large internet presence elsewhere. Makeup, skincare, hair, nail art, etc. I specifically miss the asian beauty sub.

We have a few general cooking/food communities that are nice and active, but I miss more specific things like ask culinary, chef knives, and communities geared toward dietary restrictions.

City and region-specific forums.


I’ve seen a curlygirl sub, but it was pretty much dead, sadly.


I feel like most "girly" communities are pretty dead here 😭


We had a topic on this last week. While I can see repeating it occasionally, removing this one under rule #4.


The football/soccer sub isn’t niche on Reddit obviously but it is absolutely tiny here (on the plus side, it’s managed to claim its rightful name this time. Suck it, gridiron)

As for my team, Everton, well… Lemmy’s probably not miserable enough for us to be well represented just yet.

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There are at least 3 Toffees supporters on here 🤣



I know there is a homebrewing community, but there’s just something special about adding bread yeast to a bottle of fruit juice and sticking it in a closet for two weeks


My local city sub. I should really get off my ass and fix that… I’m sure I will eventually…


Idaho. Doesn’t seem like it would be that niche, but the sub was never that big, either. Here, it doesn’t even exist. As a Washingtonian neighbor it was nice to see what was going on in that… interesting state. I was only ever a lurker, and don’t live there, so I am absolutely the wrong person to start one up here.


I’m hoping to get !geocaching a bit more active. Currently I seem to be the only one posting


I have posted there! Haha


Yup that’s a very cool find you posted about! Hope we can get to hear more such stories

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Still waiting to see which guitar sub on which instance will come out on top. I miss seeing the NGD posts, answering questions for all the new folks, and learning about obscure equipment.


Arduino and embedded i miss seeing everyone’s cool projects.


Mousereview and the Paradox video game subs.

icepuncher69, (edited )

Mostly specific videogame comunities, specially the most obscure ones like ace combat, armored core, wolfenstein, doom wads, and etc. I also miss the monster hunter sub, it was kinda cool to look at clips of players making lucky impossible shots or failing misarebly, i havent checked out if there is even an active one here on lemmy, but ill doubt is as active as the reddit one.

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Quake Champions, Anti-Consumption, Apple Music, Battlefield 2042, Jazz Memes, Garmin


My Reddit feed was bearable because it was at least half cat and other cute animal subs:

  • PallasCat
  • IllegallySmallCats
  • IllegallySmallFrogs
  • Cromch
  • OohBigStretch
  • IllegallyBigCats
  • OneOrangeBraincell
  • CurledFeetsies
  • ToeBeans
  • Blep
  • Mlem
  • BlackCats
  • TrashPandas

The list goes on forever.

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