Is anyone else worried about the apple vision pro?

i wouldn’t normally be concerned since any company releasing a VR product with this price tag is obviously going to fail… but it’s apple and somehow through exquisite branding and sleek design they have managed to create something that resonated with “tech reviewers” and rich folk who can afford it.

what’s really concerning is that it’s not marketed as a new VR headset, it’s marketed by apple and these “tech reviewers” as the new iphone, something you take with you everywhere and do your daily tasks in, consume content in etc…

and it’s dystopian. imagine you are watching youtube on this thing and when an ad shows up, you can’t look away, even if you try to they can track your eye movement and just move the window, you can’t mute it, you certainly cannot install adblock on it, you are forced to watch the ad until it satisfies apple or you just give up and take out the headset.

this is why i think all these tech giants (google meta apple etc) were/are interested in the “metaverse”. it holds both your vision and your hearing hostage, you cannot do anything else when using it but to just use the thing. a 100% efficiency attention machine, completely blocking you from the outside world.

i’m not concerned about this iteration as much as people are not hyped about this iteration. just like how people are hyped about the next apple vision, i’m more worried about the next iterations with somewhat lower price tag and better software availability. i hope it flops and i know it probably won’t achieve any sort of mainstream adoption even if it’s deemed a success because it probably can’t get less bulky and look less dorky, but the possibility is still worrying. what are your thoughts?

pelletbucket, avatar

giant companies try stupid marketing techniques like this all the time. when they’re moronic and nobody can afford them, they fail.

I don’t think I’ve seen a single normal tech reviewer that didn’t talk about serious drawbacks to the platform. the only people who are sucking apple’s dick are those frou-frou amalgamated tech click harvesters that always suck the big corporations’ dicks. like the Verge


Just like how the iPod was the invention of the mp3 player.

The truth is society is really really malleable and stupid. That’s just human nature. And of course it’s going to be manipulated by people for power and wealth.

It’ll go the same way as cable TV, and phones. It’s the same exact path. We live within systems specifically created to market unneeded “wants”. Just go outside and mingle with people… Some people literally seem like they have little humanity left in them, the just live for consumption. It’s like addicts. It essentially is addiction for dopamine. Any product or nation/society that allows basically lawless marketing function will be the same.

So you’re thoughts imo are accurate. BUT there’s also another side of life. Once you stop falling for marketed bullshit and pop culture/media you can tune out all the bullshit. They will always prey on the weak. While I said all that keep in mind technology is like our civilizations pyramids or creation of democracy. Personally I have some hope in transhumanism, but you know pop news and marketing shit is going to make it all a divisive argument. Lol I’m probably doing that now. They do this partially as publicity and a advertising.

It’s not about this or that it’s about allowing growth of all things?

Idk… Just some rambling.

Scew, avatar

We live within systems specifically created to market unneeded “wants”

Isn’t it interesting that it’s taught as supply and demand, and not demand and supply?


People are going to use these things irresponsibly like when they’re driving.


My gf already sent me an instagram reel of just that and I wanted to just rip their new toy off their faces so bad.

This is the one, if you’re interested.


The reality of the situation is going to be far more boring than anything you can make up in your mind. They said that AI was going to completely change the world and make normal work obsolete causing a bunch of people to lose their jobs. Turns out it was a total grift and only that last bit was true because the owning class are a bunch of useless fucks who genuinely thought they could get away with it.

chaosppe, avatar

I mean you’re worried about something you don’t even use yet showing you ads… Your android/iPhone has a front facing camera and doesn’t force you to watch the advert via eye tracking. No ones does, because you would just buy something else


someone should make a de-facebooked custom rom for the meta quest


Yes please, I use my quest 2 sparingly but would love a to hit it with custom firmware


Apple will never do the ad eye tracking thing. And if they do? there’s this cool thing called taking the headset off. It’s not glued to your fucking face


If they are pushing ads that much, they will probably pause the ad until you put the device back on or close the application.


So don’t put it back on. It’s not magnetized to your face. How is this hard to understand?


So Apple is good because… you can stop using it?


Nobody said Apple was good, they’re just noting that nobody is going to force you to use an Apple Vision product. You can go your whole life without putting one on if you like.


Calm down gummy worm, I was just discussing a potential process that ad servers will probably take.


The person accepting the return can finish watching it, then. I am already not buying this thing at those prices.


I’m going to do your take but actually properly: Don’t buy apple products.


because it probably can’t get less bulky and look less dorky,

Airpods are probably one of the ugliest pieces of tech ove seen in the last decade and yet somehow it doesn’t seem to matter. Never overestimate apple’s customer base.


They’re pretty much the only company on the planet that can push the “because your friends have one” aspect in their marketing and succeed. Apple users think they’re all part of this exclusive club and really don’t care that they’re straight up being robbed by the cost.


I don’t think they’re any uglier than other wireless earbuds. I think it’s kinda cute that they stuck with the iPod earbud look without the wires.

Not that I have AirPods. I’m a Jabra man myself.


I will continue not using it. I was interested in Oculus until they sold to FB and then I nope'd right out of that. I really did think VR was neat, but various things kept me from pulling the trigger. If it becomes the only way to use chunks of the internet, I just won't use them; I grew up still in the analog world (though we did have BBS and very early dial-up in the '80s), and I could go back to it. I'd honestly miss educational content more than anything else, but I can get books. In my lifetime, that strategy would probably still work fine.


Since when do we give a shit what literal neo nazi Notch has to say?


I agree with his take on the apple vr shit, but fuck nazi notch.


Notch said it wasn’t ready… Predicted a flop


Still might be. It’s a $3500 device. Just because it’s getting press doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful.

aaaaaaadjsf, avatar

Yeah I am pretty concerned. I think if work from home or hybrid jobs start requiring devices similar to the apple vision pro, it will only further the divide between people that work from home and those that don’t, as well as increasing the barrier to entry to these jobs. Dividing the working class further.

ped_xing, avatar

It seems like a company that would require employee-purchased headsets would already require employee-purchased laptops. Do you know of any? Honest question; I don’t, but my bubble is pretty small.


I love spaceship games (think Elite: Dangerous and the like), and motorsport games. Anything where you’re set in a cockpit is a perfect candidate for VR. All I wanted was a headset that would act analagous to a dumb monitor - simply provide vision and audio and head tracking (with “simply” being a relative term - the challenges overcome and technology produced to date is, admittedly, amazing).

But no. What we have are a bunch of privacy-invading face huggers. I shouldn’t need to sign in to anything to use a piece of hardware that should require zero internet access (which is why anything Razer is also on my do not buy list).

So am I concerned about the Apple Vision Pro? Couldn’t give a shit to be honest. I’m not their customer.


Doesn’t valve provide login-free setup and use of SteamVR for the index and the like? Granted, you’ll need a beefy PC for it, and probably some kind of storefront for most games. But at least no Facebook login strapped to your head.


It does! It can be played fully offline, doesn’t require an account, and works great with my pirated copy of elite dangerous. The index is the shit! Apple vision pro can’t do shit for me that the index has done for years now.


OK @max, @thorbot, I didn’t know about this. I’d written off all VR in protest against corporate overreach. Time to do some more investigation…


The index is the GOAT, I highly recommend it if you have a powerful gaming PC to run it and are concerned about privacy


Please let me know if you ever find one. Best I have seen are the ones without head tracking or laggy tracking.

SSJ2Marx, avatar

I think that, in practice, putting a headset on is a big ask for most people. Phones caught on because they’re extremely convenient, almost everyone had a use case that was improved by a smartphone, and once they had it in their pocket it was a short hop to using the phone for other things as well. A headset though? Maybe if it was as unobtrusive as regular glasses, people would put up with it - but even then, regular glasses are so annoying that many people use contact lenses instead. So if you want to put any kind of technology on people’s head and keep it there all day, that’s where your benchmark has to be set, not way up in the same size category as a motorcycle helmet.


My biggest concern is that everyone will eventually be forced by societal and institutional expectations; for now people can easily choose not to wear them, but if/when your employer requires it for work or if/when the only way to talk to your friends is by using it, then you won’t have much of a choice.

For example, Zoom has very shady ties with the Chinese government (and several reports say that they’ve used it to surveil and censor people), yet many schools and workplaces required it (and many still do now). You could refuse to install/use it, but then you’d lose your job or fail your classes. It’s a similar story for TikTok, Discord, and Facebook before that.

WashedAnus, avatar

I’m much more concerned about the very real and confirmed ties (see:snowden) Zoom, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, my ISP, my cell phone service provider, etc have to the security apparatus of the country I actually live in who have actual power and authority over me and a long history of murdering left wing activists.

SSJ2Marx, avatar

If you’re in America, I wouldn’t worry about the Chinese Government spying on you, and be much more worried about the American government doing it, since they can actually use what they find to prosecute you for crimes real or imagined.

But while it is true that you could get forced into using it by social pressure, my post is about how I really don’t think that the tech has the potential for the kind of mass adoption that would create those conditions. You could be forced to use it by your job, but then when you’re not working you can take it off - compare that to the cell phone in your pocket, which they can already use to call you back into work at all hours of the day, the emails they use to get you to give them free labor outside of working hours, and the other ways in which corporations have gotten their fingers into our off time I just don’t see this as a breakthrough or a new threshold being crossed in any way.

scrubbles, avatar

Bingo. At the end of the day it’s still something massive that sits on their head. It’s going to sell well as a gimmick. But people will get tired, their necks will hurt, some will get motion sickness, and over time they’ll collect dust like all of the others.

The fact is that vr technology is stunted until hardware can catch up, and by that I mean literally as easy as putting on sunglasses.

SSJ2Marx, avatar

AFAIK there’s some strides being made here, like I think there are see-through LCD screens that work in the lab but aren’t mass production ready, so I can see the “final form” of this being a pair of glasses with the ability to put stuff in front of your eyes and all of the actual processing is done remotely by your phone.

…but even then, I think that lands the tech somewhere in the neighborhood of headphones, not the smartphone itself.


I’m hoping to get an open source headset in the future with the opposite feature; augmented reality ad blocking for real life ads.

I could go around the streets of any city and not see a single ad. Pair that with smart adaptive noise cancelling that would allow me to hear the outside world, but remove annoying ads or other unpleasant noises like construction tools or leafblowers.

Tak, avatar

I’d love to be able to set up a laptop and have much more screen real estate by putting on a headset. The ability to watch something like game of thrones on an airplane without the 6 year old behind me seeing shit would also be nice.

The biggest downside of the apple headset is that it’s apple and their stupid ecosystem.


Oh, man, I would love if I could walk around my town and every billboard and annoying flashy sign were replaced with a bit of smart auto-fill or a color-matched segment of a wallpaper image from my wallpapers folder.


Exactly, it can even give you functionality, like your calendar/reminders/transit schedule/ETC… There is so much potential for customisation.


That would be awesome. This would also be interesting for airplane construction in the future, not having windows means the airplane will be lighter, thus saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions.


I mentioned this in another Apple Vision thread, but that was one of the proposed use cases for Steve Mann’s original EyeTap device.


Interesting, I never heard of the EyeTap, just searched it right now. I didn’t expect someone to make something like this is 1984.

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