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Ice Wine!


Korean BBQ where you cook it yourself on the little grill in your table


That’s just paying extra to do the work for them!


My Korean family says it’s so you know what meat you are getting. LOL.


Some countries it’s normal for a cook to do it for you, but I found it to be awkward as the cook just stands around half the time while you’re talking to your friends. I enjoy it because I can get exactly what I want. I also go to a local American style steakhouse where you cook your own as well


Dry. Aged. Wagyu.



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Lobster and crab. And more of the good butter. 🤤


Yakitori, tom yum soup, chicken skewers, sushi, exotic fruit, foreign snacks eg. biltong, ukrainian candy, japanese gummies


My boring choices would be Chinese takeaway and fresh KFC. The Chinese takeaway near me is delicious, and does great portions, but you’re looking at at least £10 to £15 per person if you’re not sharing. It’s not a massive amount of money, but if you want to try a few dishes, it quickly racks up the cost.

The KFC is bog standard, but it’s just far enough away that the food cools down by the time it gets to my house. This is more of a more money equals more time situation, so I’d have more time to go to the restaurant and eat it right there while it’s hot.

A few people mentioned beef jerky. I’d like to try some of the different types and flavours. I’ve only really seen the one brand here, and they sell Teriyaki and spicy. Spicy just means that they’ve dumped enough spice on it to mask any other taste. I’d like to see what the other options are like.

Same with some of the other suggestions here, like swordfish. I’d love to try some of the more unusual foods, without going down the gimmicky route and eating things like rotten fish, or live octopus.

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  • Real pizza
  • Vege burgers
  • Aloe Vera juice

Depending on your location you can grow aloe very easily. It will grow from any cut bit put in soil


All the same foods but more.


Dry packed sea scallops. So, so good, quick and easy to cook, but so expensive.


More horse meat. So damn good. I’d love to try some steaks, only had the deli slices.


More sushi.

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Eh, might have steaks more than once a year or so. Still wouldn’t be a regular thing.

Would likely increase the usage of aged balsamic to more than just a very dribble more and then.

Would definitely cook with better bourbons when I use it. Not that it really makes a huge difference in most cases, but I usually have a little bit while cooking when I do, so it would be nice lol.


A fully stocked liquor cabinet. All the charcuterie board staples and all the cheeses ever. Throw some smoked salmon in there too.


Editables from the cannabis dispensary. Just feels wrong paying so much for a few pieces of candy.

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