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The Flash. No list of reasons. Just never appealed to me at all.

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Specifically Ezra Miller. God damn, fuck that guy.


Captain America


“He just never seems to become an adult”

What are you expecting? That fictional superheros grow up and get old?

Spiderman first appeared in -62, so you’d have never seen him as an immature teenager, but a grumpy middleaged dude.

On that note, there are depictions of adult Spiderman. Like in “Into the Spiderverse” or what was it.

But the essence of the character is the relative immaturity. Like Batman’s is gruff vigilanteism and Superman’s overtly good nature.


Modern Batman and Modern Superman.

I won’t go on my 2 hour rant off everything wrong. But a short version is the writing for them is lazy and undeveloped. Both of them represent the most uninteresting form of a power fantasy. The modern Batman of ‘having a plan for everything’ and being this overburden angsty character is just awful. If Batman was a d&d character, he has loaded dice and is throwing that 20s on intimidation. And for Superman he’s just not interesting, because with the amount of power he’s been given and the amount of abilities he has the fact that lex luthor is somehow a villain of his is laughable.

Batman used to be the world’s greatest detective. And for me the last time I saw Batman be Batman was the '90s animated series. And frankly the most recent movie The Batman also did a very good job I thought in that regard.

Superman used to have limits. He was fast but not infinite speed fast. He was strong but not infinite strength.

In both cases it feels like the people who write for these characters use one simple rule… This my favorite character so he win. Neither character feels like their struggles are earned, because the writing is forced. Like it used to be if Superman needed to save somebody you weren’t 100% sure he’d be able to get there in time, stop the bad guy save the people! Modern Superman is like, a being a hundred light years away, tripped and their falling! They need your help before they get a boo-boo and I have no doubt Superman would get there somehow and then save a hundred worlds along the way. (An over-exaggeration I know but I want to get the point across at how lazy I feel the writing is). Or the fact that anybody fears Batman when most of his villains barely fear him. You have members like Green lantern, Martian manhunter, Superman, and Wonder woman who act like in any way Batman is a threat to them.

I’ll stop ranting cuz I can honestly go on. But I will say with the massive decline for me personally with these two, I’ve been far more receptive of some of the other DC characters that I used to overlook when I was younger. I can’t believe I 100% slept on the flash like that dude is straight boss. Or plastic man! So at least some good came of it.


Iron Man.

The guy supported Yellowjacket joining the Avengers.


Not sure about iron man but I can’t stand Robert Downey Jr.


I can’t think of the name, but that one superhero that wears the funny outfit.


Do you have any idea how little that narrowed it down?


I agree with spiderman, I’ve still not watched his stand-alone movies.

Also hulk once he becomes “smart” hulk in end game.

Also fat Thor in end game, again not funny just whiny.

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I don’t think it was supposed to be funny. I think that was their attempt at somehow mangling mental health into their stories because that’s what the kids are all about or something

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    “Being a grownup, I spend no time thinking about media or hobbies. Real adults watch paint dry and mow the lawn 🤓☝️”


    Then this question was not for you. Why did you even answer?

    xkforce, (edited )

    Batman. He’s a billionaire playboy living in a city full of poverty. He may not kill but he has no problem crippling someone for life. And the fact he apparently learns nothing about the joker over the decades has resulted in so so many people dying to the joker’s schemes.

    And the reality is that he’s still that same child in that alley but in an adult’s body. He takes on different child robins because he never grew past that. He has trauma that was never treated and one of the main symptoms of trauma is being stuck in the time period that the trauma happened. He doesn’t really have a personality beyond the trauma.

    ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

    The Flash.

    Not because I don’t like the character but because he honestly should be one of the strongest characters in DC but they constantly nerf him in the writing because they realized just like superman he could literally just show up and fix everything before anyone else even realized there was a problem

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    This annoys the shit out of me. I don’t care if you nerf your speedsters, at least make them consistent.


    I really can’t stand Damian Wayne I just find him annoying and bratty.

    If anyone has any good story recommendations with him I would like to hear about it.


    I recommend Batman and Robin by Tomasi & Gleason. What’s great about Damian being annoying and bratty is that it allows some character growth. Unfortunately, whenever a new writer takes over, it results in him regressing back to his previous characterization.

    I also recommend Batman and Robi n with Dick Grayson as Batman. Its has an unique take on Dynamic Duo with a serious Robin and Light-hearted Batman.

    If you like those you can check out Robin Solo run and supersons as well.


    I check those out, another person also recommend supersons, and I will look into it it sounds like something I would like.

    Zehzin, avatar

    Stories where someone slaps the dogshit out of him?


    At first I thought you said Damon Wayans, and for the first time in ever, I thought about the movie Blankman.

    Beetschnapps, (edited )

    My first thought too! How could you talk shit on Blankman? J5!


    johnny five?


    That’s why I liked Super Sons so much. Damians saltiness gets perfectly balanced out by Jon’s sweetness.

    That’s also why Bats amd Supes are such a good duo, they play off each other and through that complete each other.

    Damn you Brandis for taking Super Sons from us Angrily shakes fist at sky


    That sounds good, I look into it. I do love Bat and Super team up, and it sounds like it can be similar.

    poo, avatar

    All of them. Can’t stand the superhero-dominated media market.

    TheControlled, (edited )

    Fuck, you are so cool. Edgy and cool. Too cool to like a single super hero which are diverse and many! Finger guns Please, dunk my nerd face in the trashcan.

    Cool, hip people hate superheroes and downvote me for saying you’re a contrary, close minded, jerk off.


    I agree, they are just not for me either… It just feels the cinema industry focusing on what is safe to sell well enough.

    Maybe the original material (comics) is way better than what I could see on TV growing in the 90s , not sure.

    poo, avatar

    Yeah it’s just such a simple and easy topic. Studios funnel all their money and focus into a genre that requires no creativity.

    After Iron Man 2008, sure it was neat for a few years to see a “connected universe” but it’s a bit of a joke now…

    That’s what makes me the most excited for auteurs like Francis Ford Coppola or Lynch or Aronofsky or Tarkovsky - I watch movies to be immersed and feel something, and blam-blam-boom-booms have just never done it for me.

    I prefer film-as-art over film-as-entertainment I guess?


    The word is pretentious. Both types are great, but ivory tower types who name drop basic Artisic™ directors like they just took their first film class I find to be more irritating than people who just want to have fun.

    Be more Ebert, less RT Meter.

    poo, avatar

    Wow, you must have lots of friends and be fun at parties, dick 😂🤣😂


    Pretty much yeah! Imagine that, someone who thinks you’re a try-hard poser actually has a rich life and is usually the host of many parties filled with authentic people who would gladly mock, openly, the thoroughly asinine dog shit you said above. Maybe nicer though.

    poo, avatar



    All of them: I want authenticity,

    and “superheroes” are fake human-meaning, engineered to push distractine power/ego-fantasy instead of actual-human development.

    Read both of John Truby’s books, “The Anatomy of Genres”, & “The Anatomy of Story”, and become much competenter in what story/movie makers should be doing,

    and then consider how much is being invested in preventing realism-of-context from being known by mass-media consumers…

    …and then understand the long-term consequences of deliberately/systematically diverging mass-awareness from what real meaning, real human context, is, … through decades…

    It’s part of a whole-class, or whole-population, suckerpunching, but it seems to be of unconscious, not conspiracy, intent.

    Pretence-programmed populations are less realistic & less reality-competent.

    Bollywood & Hollywood both produce divorce-from-reality.

    That isn’t required, for story, or human-meaning, is it?


    All of them.Deadpool was kinda funny.

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