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Drummyralf, (edited )

All great and valuable links. Thanks! Archive has so many usecases. I recently used it to get some design inspiration for old 50’s and 60’s catalogs and magazines. Plenty of retro and vintage stuff to find! GifCities from the team is also great :)

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GifCities. Awesome nerdy joke! And fascinating, nostalgic stuff. Thanks for that link!

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I like single purpose concept websites that don’t do anything. They’re the opposite of the modern internet that values engagement above all. They communicate exactly one thing once and though you never have to go back, you’re always glad that they’re there.


Feel like you are really under selling all that zombo can do

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Anything is possible... At Zombo com

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So true! I hereby retract that antizombo slander


It’s not what zombocom can do, it’s what you can do at zombocom.


I am a now Junior Acolyte follower of the pug


Big ytmnd vibes


I agree, I love when a site is focused.

Like I said in another comment, got some big YourTheManNowDog vibes from these. Used to browse their random site visitor a lot back in the day.

Also, love how yyyyyyy seems to be a randomized site.


I’m amazed zombo still exists


When Flash died the site was down for several days. It was nerve wracking not knowing if it would return!


I like single purpose concept websites that don’t do anything.

Aye matey.

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Excellent thank you very much for this.


Zombo is great. In the 10 minutes I spent there I hung the laundry, bought weekly groceries, painted my living room, got married twice, got elected minister of foreign affairs of Belgium, made first contact with 4 different alien spaces and then evolved into a whole new life form that exists in 4d space. Good site.

ace_garp, avatar is an online-play boardgame website.

Fully DIY and community built site. Free accounts and free play, although donations are accepted.

Fun small games to start with:

Port Royal, Mountain Goats, Spexxx, Ali Baba, Balloon Cup, Dragonheart, Rose King, Pompeii.

And some quality bigger games:

Bruges, Innovation, Targi, Chakra, Stone Age, Grand Austria Hotel, Imhotep, Finca, Carcassonne South Seas, Thurn & Taxis.


I, too, wistfully long for the days of memepool.


If you want an excuse to visit random coordinates around you is a interesting option. Each day everyone is given the same set of spots to go to, with optional challenges and badges one can do. Its quite surprising how strong the community has been going despite it’s age.

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rabbit-rabbit.questselects a random location for you to visit every day within walking/cycling distance.

pocopene, (edited )

Futility Closet is a collection of entertaining curiosities in history, literature, language, art, philosophy, and mathematics, designed to help you waste time as enjoyably as possible.


Someone on Lemmy posted a link to a week or two ago, and I’m really enjoying the game.


I couldn’t think of many less visited sites I usually go to often, but coalregion(dot)com is an interesting site I found using this Wiby search engine a long time ago. It’s a site about a region in Pennsylvania. They have a section for recipes supposedly from that region along with a section for words/slang from that regions past. They got other things, but the dictionary and recipes interest me more than the other parts.


I don’t know if it’s “lesser known” but I discovered last year and I’ve been addicted ever since.

It’s free, but there is a premium membership that gives some extra perks.

Hundreds of boardgames that you can play with others online, from rummy and checkers to Wingspan and Catan.

They offer casual matchmaking and ranked competitive modes and tournaments.

Set up an account and invite me to your favorite game! I would love to learn it! You can figure out my username on there.


BGA is fantastic. Free game selection is always growing. Membership, if you want to pay for the premium games, is a fantastic deal. Only one person in your playgroup needs a membership for everyone to play. The interface for most games is WAY better than actually playing in person and games are so much faster too. It’s not as good as hanging out in person with friends, but it’s damn close.


I miss the old Yahoo games site where during night shift you could play Canasta with probably some retired folks from the other side of the world


I just checked. BGA doesn’t have canasta. Sorry.

How do you feel about Hearts, cribbage or Kings in the corner?


Don’t know those, also, stopped doing night shifts (mostly) :)


Boardgame Arena is a great site indeed!

Drusas, is pretty great for science news from a wide variety of fields.

Edymos, is a must read if you plan on taking the train.

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Great for a lot of things, but mostly for when you’ve royally messed up something like a proxy or certificate chain lol.

coriza, (edited )

This question reminded me of 27b/6, a website with a collections of essays and email exchanges from the author that are like humourous, satirical and based on his life. I had a lot of fun reading them years ago and I remember that it was dormant for a while but coming back it seems to have new material.


Oh god, I totally forgot about that one. I loved it. The content still seems to be great, too. Nice.

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