If you ask for "tea" at a restaurant, what happens and where do you live?

In the South East, they bring you sweetened (usually far too sweetened for my tastes) iced tea. This is amazingly universal.

I live in NC and have been probing the border for years.

For “nicer” restaurants, the universal sweet tea boundary seems to be precisely at the NC/VA border.

HatchetHaro, (edited )
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Hong Kong. It depends on the establishment.

In big Cantonese restaurants, tea is the very first thing you have to choose, and you are expected to know what tea varieties there are. They then brew and bring you the tea in a white porcelain pot, and can top it up with water upon request (or do it yourself since water is always served alongside the tea). I generally like 鐵觀音, but my dad prefers 普洱. The tea is unsweetened, and if you ask for it sweetened or put sugar in it, well idk what happens but you’d probably get laughed at and kicked out.

In smaller diners, you often can pick the type of tea you want from a menu, though those are often not traditional Chinese teas, and are hot and sweetened by default, though you can always ask for it unsweetened or iced. Milk tea is always available (I can only assume under threat of public boycott). Depending on the diner, various fruit teas would also be available.


LOL! Clever of them to use tea as an identity test. Quite like Ukrainians asking suspected Russians to pronounce 'Palyanytsia'.




Yes! That was the word I was looking for!

Thank you.


I still want to visit Hong Kong but don’t have the budget atm, and that first paragraph isn’t helping

Also, 鐵觀音 (Tie Guan Yin) is also my favourite tea, that’s a coincidence!

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Depends on the place Asian places will give you a kettle mug and a box of teas and other places will just give you the mug of hot water and the box of teas and sometimes you can ask for sweet tea and have the full options of sugar maple honey and raspberry tea I’m from Vermont by the way


Supermarket tee (the one in the bags), just more expensive and cold.

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You’ll usually either get a pot of tea with a teabag or two in or a pot of hot water and some tea bags. Milk is usually served in a separate jug.


If you ask for it at a particular restaurant you will receive a tea pot full of beer, the restaurant is not authorized to sell alcohol. It’s an open secret.

Rylyshar, (edited )
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In the Texas, you can ask for “half and half” tea. You’ll get a mixture of sweet and unsweet iced tea. In a huge glass with plenty of ice. And free refills.

If you want hot tea, you need to ask for hot tea. Most places will bring you a couple selections of bagged tea and a too-small pot of not-hot-enough water. Hotel restaurants are known for bringing out a huge caddy of various tea bags for you to chose from. If you want milk/cream in your hot tea, you’ll have to ask for it, it’s not assumed.


Always hot tea in thin waisted little glasses. If I drink in a good place it is “rabbit blood”. I am from Turkey.


Southern CA default seems to be unsweetened iced tea, which is basically all I drink so it’s fine with me.


They always ask “you mean hot tea?” And I fill with rage and think YES, of course I bloody well want my tea to be hot!

waterbogan, (edited )

I get hot tea, unsweetened. New Zealand. I would probably get a couple of sachets of sugar to sweeten my tea if I want to, or they’ll be in a container at the counter or on the table

Very few places here would even have iced tea, especially the sweetened varieties, and you would definitely have to specify it. Only at some “nicer” restaurants would you even have a chance of finding it, most fast food chains or buffet type places wont have it with the exception of some Asian places

I remember some years back staying in a hotel in New Jersey as a part of a wedding party that had gathered mostly from the UK and Commonwealth countries. I asked for tea on arrival, and they had none. When I came down for breakfast in the morning, there was a box full of tea at the breakfast buffet that had obviously just arrived by courier and just been opened up, management must have ordered it overnight for urgent delivery for all the English and Australasian guests, it must have taken them unawares


I’m in South East VA and your border is wrong. It extends mostly up to NOVA, but even in NOVA sweet tea isn’t that uncommon.


As a long time NoVA native I agree sweet tea isn’t uncommon but also not assumed. I think you’d get the same puzzled reaction if you ordered “tea” as if you ordered “soda”.


Probably barley or green tea in a little paper cup. I’m in Korea.


Chicagoland: They ask what kind. Iced tea is a thing, so are different kinds of hot tea. Some places have bottled brands, depending on the place. It’s not all that complicated.


They ask what kind

Same in my area.

altima_neo, (edited )
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Probably an Arizona or Brisk.

Maybe a green tea if you’re in an Asian restaurant.


Norway. It depends, but you’d probably be served a cup of hot water with a box of assorted tea bags.


Same in Sweden.

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Same in amarica tho from what I’m hearing from states that aren’t Vermont I’m a little scared that I’m now living in Florida for college

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