What are your favorite podcasts?

I’m curious what people here listen to, and I’m also looking for new ones to check out. I’m personally a big fan of Linux Unplugged, MBMBaM, Lateral, and Twenty Thousand Hertz!

I also cannot get Lemmy’s search to work, so apologies if this was already a recent topic.

EDIT: I have so many new podcasts to listen to now.


I’m a little late to the party here, but I don’t see it mentioned already so I have to recommend “372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back”. Mike Nelson (MST3K, Rifftrax) and Conor Lastoka (Rifftrax) give really detailed reviews of “books they expect not to like”, aka badly-written books. Think Mystery Science Theater 3000, but with books. They’re on episode 152 and the episodes run ~2 hours. Great for long car rides.

  • Short History Of…
  • The Soundtrack Show
  • Stuff You Should Know

Surprised no one mentioned Bill Burrs Monday Morning Podcast, Your Mom’s House, Time Suck, Scared to Death or Giant Bomb. Also the Josh Potter Show, Bad Friends and Are You Garbage are fun.


God Awful Movies. Mostly about glurge-y Christian propaganda, with a sprinkling of Orthodox Jewish “Spy Kids” ripoffs, Hindu mythology represented accurately, Mormon mythology buried in layers of revisionism, and whatever the fuck is going on with the Happy Science cult. Occasionally they’ll cover secular fantasies like Mike Lindell’s “docufilms,” or medical advice from hippies.

The episode that hooked me was “Believe,” which is Ebeneezer Scrooge apologism.


Found my fitness by Rhonda Patrick, for nutritional/exercise science. One of the few podcasts I know that are actually science based, with proper sources and all.

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Two of my favorites

StarTalk by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Andrew Huberman’s podcast


Nobody’s mentioned it yet, so I’ll suggest Well There’s Your Problem. It’s a podcast about engineering disasters, with slides.


Very surprised no-one mentioned History Unobscured


99% Invisible. So much random knowledge.

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Daniel & Jorge Explain the Universe (physics)

Trillbilly’s Workers Party (politics)

Save Your Sanity (relationships w/ toxic people)

Freakonomics Radio (economics methods applied elsewhere)

Harimau, (edited )

Twenty Thousand Hertz is indeed good.

I mostly hear:

  • SciShow Tangents
  • Numberphile Podcast
  • The unmade podcast
  • Tiny Matters
  • Through the web
  • Twenty Thousand Hertz


  • Universe Today podcast
  • this week in tech
  • Eons: mysteries of deep time (hoping for a new season)
  • TED Talks Daily
  • Narcosis Into the deep

And some more german podcasts:

  • radioWissen
  • SWR2 Wissen
  • WeltraumWagner
  • c’t uplink
  • Heise Show
  • 11km

And some more stuff. Mostly science and knowledge podcasts.

RIP: The Friendship Onion

And recently: The Redemption of Jar Jar Binks

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Well all I'm going to say is RIP Hello Internet


Our Fake History

Decoding the Gurus


I listen to a lot more but these are the ones where I don’t miss an episode.


I used to listen to a lot of podcasts back when I worked in an office but now the only one I listen to on a regular basis is

Trash Taste

I’ll also sometimes listen to

Safety Third


Cashing In with TJ Miller. The first 200 episodes or so have some of the funniest conversations I’ve ever heard; it’s just two friends who are genuinely hilarious hanging out. After the first 200 episodes, the show is still good, but before that is what I would call the Golden age of the show.

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