Ive been applying to a remote first company I want to work for for about 3 weeks now and ive got 1 failed interview and about 30 reject letters. Can’t complain, ive got a good job now, but I want to go back to remote work


Currently Waiting for a tow truck because my clutch pipe burst while I’m an hour and a half away from home. Lovely, and probably expensive

Asudox, avatar

I have two big projects I want to make in rust. This is nice because I haven’t been able to think of projects I could make in a while.


I know it’s small, but I made up with my wife and told her I don’t like being treated the was she acted. I asked her to talk more with me about what she needs rather than bottle it up. We have some healing, but I feel like it’s an upward swing.


Am currently caring for my mother on hospice. Fuck cancer.


I have spent the last 5 days seething about the rise of fascism in my country.

So, not good.

sharkfucker420, avatar

Victories: My girlfriend and I are doing a lot better than we were a few months ago. I have only missed 2 assignments this semester and I finally found a method of organization that works for me. I go to class at least half the time which is a lot more than before. Doing good so far :)

Challenges: My insomnia has been a nightmare recently, I’ve slept 1 out of the past 4 nights and only because I bummed some weed of off a close friend. I haven’t eaten in 16+ hrs and my stomach hurts, I’m getting nauseous and bloated and I couldn’t make it to my 9am class because I was afraid of puking on the way there.


U intersted in trying something different tonight Re:Sleep?

sharkfucker420, avatar

Wdym by that?


I mean: are you willing to try something easy and dead simple to sleep like the dead perchance?

sharkfucker420, avatar

Have at it, I’ll take all the advice I can get


I’ll do it in baby steps and keep the dialogue open. Okay, you ready to try what I suggest tonight, promise? It’ll be easy

sharkfucker420, avatar

Dawg you’re stringing me a long It’s not a gun right?


No way. So here’s what I want you to do: (step 1)

  1. Get an album or even better, an audiobook for a story you love. Go do that and make sure you really “have it” (nobody can undownload or delete it, taking it away somyou can maintain your consistent structure)

You need something you like and that doesn’t rattle you + you’ll be cool with listening to like everynight. Don’t worry so much about being bored or whatever: if all goes well, you won’t be listening too long to the point you may never finish it lol


  • are you on Android/iPhone?
  • can you make sure you have it completely dark? Whether ambiently or by wearing a comfy sleep mask?
sharkfucker420, avatar

Oh man the only thing I can think of is the Magnus archives but that keeps me up at night if anything. Perhaps Lord of the rings? Or maybe the Percy Jackson series, I read the fuck out of that when I was a kid.

I use android

Room is as dark as I can physically get it, I live in a apartment and there is a bright ass light right outside my window and while I have blackout curtains a little seeps through the cracks.

My autism doesn’t let me have things on my face so a sleep mask is a no go unfortunately.

Is it the consistency that helps you fall asleep? Because normally stories keep me up.


Just think of an album or book that you know so well its sort of boring to listen to but still comfy cuz you know it from going through it several times previously

No excuses, figure it out. Comfy but goddamn have I read/listened to this so many times aha

I’ll make it easy: -get the app SpeechCentral and buy it one-time (~$10). Get an ePub for a book you don’t mind hearing via audio. Import it and put it on at bedtime.

Let me know how it goes.

sharkfucker420, avatar

I’ll update tomorrow night, I’m with my girlfriend tonight so I won’t get the chance


Infinite Jest is a good choice lol. That book is like Great Gatsby on steroids and impossibly long, unnavigable.

You just need something to get lost in , rinse and repeat, sunrise sunset

sharkfucker420, avatar

It has gone poorly, I totally forgot and now its 5 am


I’ve never been this stressed in my entire life. It hits me each morning precisely the second I wake up.

Got laid off from work recently. I don’t feel like finding a new job because I have 10 years of experience and I know I don’t like working for someone else. It feels meaningless. I don’t want to spend my life like that. What’s the alternatine? Well besides the extremely unlikely event of winning the lottery I feel like the only other option is to start my own handyman bussiness that I’ve been “dreaming of” for who knows how many years. I don’t however mean that I have some deep passion for entrepreneurship because I don’t. Not at all. I just feel like it’s the only other option I have and there’s atleast a slight chance that I might like it. Hell, it could even end up being one of the best decisions in my life. Maybe. I don’t know, and I’ll never find out if I don’t try it.

But doubt. Oh so much doubt. This is by-far the biggest and scariest decision I’ve had to make ever. I know I can just end it if it’s not working out and find a job and that’s that but it just feels so permanent. It feels like I’m putting my entire future on the line. It almost feels like risking my life. It’s stupid and I know it. I just can’t help it. No amount of reasoning is enough to fight off my emotions on this. I’m absolutely and completely terrified.


Victories: got conditionally accepted for my 2nd choice for uni (still haven’t told any close friends until I hear back from all schools and make a decision)

Challenges: I’m taking linear algebra and diff eq. It’s the first week and I forgot how to take derivatives and integrals. I’ve been staring at the problem for hours and still don’t get how to take the derivative for e^(y/x).

felixwhynot, avatar

Congrats on the acceptance!

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

My challenges are too belligerent and numerous to name here, but they're overshadowed by the victory of getting a really fantastic car, one I've been wanting since I was a teenager.

NegativeLookBehind avatar

Congrats! What car? Will you be letting the Stig drive it?

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

It's a VW GTI. I'm pretty sure the Stig already drove it, but it's white with a decent tint so it actually kinda looks like him. (Them?)


Pretty great, been drinking beer and having steak. Going to proceed to get baked and laid to cap off the evening.


Remember always finish on the bach, never on De Bussy.

dhcmrlchtdj__, avatar

Bought myself flowers and beignets, supported a friend who was feeling mopey. I’m depressed but it helps to do things for myself and others

felixwhynot, avatar

Laissez les bontemps rouler!


Chilling rn. Just got back from the arcade and had a few drinks so I’m riding this buzz safely at home. I also won a few things from a claw machine so that’s exciting. I’m still a little bummed I’m single for the first time in a decade on Valentine’s Day but life could be worse.

lolola, avatar

Pretty sad

FireTower, avatar

What’s been going down?

squid_slime, avatar

What’s up

lolola, avatar

Poor night of sleep, stressful day of work. And Valentine’s Day makes me sad. I tried to dress prettier to make myself feel special, ended up just feelin lonely anyway.

squid_slime, avatar

I don’t sleep well either and tiredness will only make us feel worse in general. Sorry your feeling lonely 🙂 have you got any events or outings planned?

lolola, avatar

I was going to take myself out for dinner or dessert or something. I got home and got on the couch and never left.


Some days aren’t meant to be, hope you take yourself out tomorrow you deserve it!


Good you?

FireTower, avatar

You know I’m some stuff could be better but all things considered I feel like today is going better than I would thought it’d be.

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