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you say junk, but someday soon that shits gonna save mark watney's life


Kind of difficult to pick up after ourselves over there.

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It’s alien artifacts.


Opportunity spent 15 years roving its ass off for this planet and now we have the nerve to call it “Space Junk.” No respect.


It proved it’s ass off because it thought maybe, just maybe, if It analyzed one more good rock, we’d let it come home since it’s original mission was only supposed to be 30 days.




Jesus, internet, I don’t want to know this shit anymore


Chill, it’s a handful of stuff on an entire freaking planet. Sure Mars isn’t as big as Earth, but it’s still huge. You would be hard pressed to even find a single trace of man if you’re on that planet.

It’s a clickbait title, look at how bad the humans are. In the grand scheme of things this is a nothingburger. The benefits vastly out way the potential downside of dropping some stuff on another planet. Even if there is some trace of life there, dropping a little bit of stuff doesn’t harm it in any way.

Also remember the scale here, it shows as dots on the map, so you think there is a lot. But in reality the size of the stuff compared to the size of the planet wouldn’t even show up on a picture. It’s not even big enough to be a single pixel. If the resolution was 10x greater, it still wouldn’t be a single pixel. It’s like those maps where they show the space debris around Earth to make it look like there is a lot. It’s tricky to spot anything man made on Mars with high powered optics in a low orbit and knowing exactly where to look. If you can see the whole hemisphere, you ain’t seeing shit.


It’s fine.

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I'm glad the article mentions that in this case, it really doesn't matter; like, there seems to be nothing to 'pollute' on Mars (also 7 tonnes is not much at all). Bit of a strange headline to me.


if it gets contaminated with earth life the it’ll be harder to detect martian life…

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I suppose so, but I believe they always make sure not a single trace of Earth life is left on the equipement they sent to Mars, for obvious reasons. So they already control for that.

Besides looking pretty messy, I'm not sure this does any harm.


nasa sure puts a lot of effort into it… can’t say i feel confident about other countries that crash into it…
on top of that, nasa has recently found that they’ve been breeding bacteria that lives off of their disinfectant, and so no they don’t already control for that.


Mars is inhabited by robots, but the Moon is inhabited by tardigrades because China crashed a lander.


this one?

Sad news for the tardigrades that were on board Israel’s Beresheet mission, which crash-landed on the Moon in 2019. Researchers have learnt that the microscopic animals, which can survive the vacuum of space and heavy-duty doses of radiation, wouldn’t have lived through the crash.


Wrong country and wrong outcome, I really nailed it. Given how hardy they are, I can’t say I’m convinced they’re all dead. Not that they’d actually be active without air and water


You’re not wrong with your sentiment but i think it’s pretty safe to say that if we find life on Mars it’s gonna be trapped in ice somehow or deep below the surface. Besides having next to no atmosphere, it also has no magnetosphere which means it takes the full blast from solar radiation. Nothing living on Earth could survive outside on the surface of Mars.


we have quite a bit of life that thrives just under the surface… within nooks and crannies of dust particles… inside Chernobyl… in ocean volcanic vents…

i think mycelia are the only thing that can live off of just raw rock though (the vanguards of life)
but, spores are pretty small and everywhere…

personally i think we should get over looking for life on mars and seed it with whatever has the best chances…

a deep valley has a thicker atmosphere and more shade from the sun, btw…

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Tardigrades could potentially survive, but they would starve to death.

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