Volkswagen says its core VW brand is ‘no longer competitive’

“With many of our pre-existing structures, processes and high costs, we are no longer competitive as the Volkswagen brand,” Thomas Schaefer told staff during a meeting at the German carmaker’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, according to a post on the company’s intranet site seen by Reuters.’

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VW has lost their way. It’s supposed to be the “people’s car”. Not a car for the rich. What does that IDBuzz start at? Over $60k? 🤦‍♂️


They gentrified the brand. A fucking hippy could afford a minibus in the 70’s.


This is corporate speak for “we are gonna start laying folks off soon”


Corporate speak for “we’re panicking, we can’t manage to sell any electric cars, we don’t have much time”


Hard to believe when the dealer looked at me with disdain because I thought the GTi was the top model, then proceeded me to show me a Golf R that I could have for only $10k over sticker.


The R series has always gone above MSRP like a number of more limited run cars do.

Frankly I’m disdaining you buying a gti but not knowing the T existed, but like only as a gti enthusiast

nomecks, (edited )

My wife is the VW fan. If I’m going to pay Audi money for a VW, it’s going to be an Audi.I guess that’s probably another problem with VW, they’re creeping into the BMW/Audi/Mercedes space while selling you a VW level car.


I’d argue they’ve always done this though, and they’ve made some absolutely amazing cars in the process.

The corrado, the r32 and the golf r

They’re all collectors vehicles for enthusiasts.

I was being tongue in cheek about your statement btw

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