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DoucheAsaurus, in This was the last post I saw before closing RIF last night, and signing off Reddit for good.
DoucheAsaurus avatar
BananaTrifleViolin, in My (neighbours) cat that loves to spend time at my place.

I think you misunderstand what is happening. You're merely guests in the cats second home, and he's making sure you're not misbehaving in his property. That cat is on the make.

fiat_lux, in Caught a bird!

The mighty hunter brings home a feast for their incompetent human children. So gracious.

finthechat, in Meet Inu!
finthechat avatar

I wonder how many people in Japan name their dogs "Dog"

N-Slash, in This was the last post I saw before closing RIF last night, and signing off Reddit for good.
N-Slash avatar

Does anyone know if there is a a place to post scrungy cats here yet?

Ragnell avatar

I see a ton of various cats on the front page from

reflex, (edited ) in My sad girl trying to get through the cat door
reflex avatar

That door looks like a Rancor's Sarlacc's mouth.

i_dont_want_to, in Mother hog displaying the youth

Sonic Youth


I can’t read that without hearing Homer say “Nine Inch Naaaaiiiilllls?!”

OhStopYellingAtMe, in Increases its level of stealth avatar

“Hey stumpy-legs, this is what you look like…”

Thcdenton, in I like this coat on my dog, but it makes her look like Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct
Supervisor194, avatar

This picture gave me PTSD.




Wtf have these people been smoking?

uriel238, avatar

This remind me of a cat’s primordial pouch which is the fluffy part of the kitty belly that humans like to rub (and may or may not be a trap), and extra-pervy cat enthusiasts get addicted to huffing (see CAT HUFFING). It’s not a secondary sexual characteristic. Both sexes have it, and it seems to have evolved to assist faster running according to felinologists.

And yes, when hairless (say if a cat overgroomed its nethers) they definitely look NSFW when they dangle during standing and walking.


Wait, I thought it was to protect their belly when they fight

uriel238, avatar

As I’m not a felinologist, I can’t say you’re necessarily wrong. Traits that evolve often serve multiple advantages.

Mandarbmax, in Trying to be his idol

Stop crushing their dreams! 😭

littlebluespark, in WTF is that‽ avatar

🎼🎶*“Do you hear what I hear? A baby cries. Where we find baby there are milk nearby. If we look in baby bag and there could be. Plenty milk for you and also some for me.”*🎵


EXACTLY where my brain went, and I haven’t seen that move in nearly 30 years 😹

guyrocket, in How a Mongolian dresses their child for the cold.
guyrocket avatar

What a cute little Pac Man ghost!


Looks more like a penguins to me

guyrocket avatar

Yes, a footless, floating, cute, little penguin. :)


I’m getting more of a Grogu vibe.

guyrocket, in The cutest little guy
guyrocket avatar

Those little EARS!

ickplant, avatar

So floppy :D


I love when one ear hasn’t learned to stand up yet

FuglyDuck, avatar

Little?! They’re half his head!

They’re gloriously floopy-flops

morrowind, in They look so comfy avatar


ickplant, avatar


WalrusByte, avatar

Sheepy McWeepies

DharmaCurious, avatar

Tricksy little sheepseses

Endorkend, in After a long day of play, Rosie knocked over the vacuum cleaner so she could cuddle it
Endorkend avatar

That's what people don't get.

Dogs love the vacuum cleaner.

They are just scared not knowing why it goes on long screaming fits whenever you're dragging it around the place.

LaunchesKayaks, avatar

She does not like how loud it gets when in use, but will 100% stand her ground and bark at it until it stops. My beagle hides from it.


What a brave girl!

LaunchesKayaks, avatar

Oh yes!

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