I don’t like spiders, they’re horrifying!

But this spider is kinda cool.

I don’t want it dead, I just want it behind a really thick piece of glass.


I mostly get phidippus johnsoni in my house and when I see one I always yell “HELLO PHIDIPPUS!! ARE YOU HAVING A GOOD TIME BEING A JUMPING SPIDER?? YES YOU ARE!! YES YOU ARE!!” And sometimes they wave back at me.


Jumping spiders are so cute. One time I was at a picnic table at a park having a soda, and every time I set it down this little green jumping spider would come over and drink from the condensation. Then would back up when I picked it up to drink, come back when I set it down. It was delightful & magical.


I think children of time broke me and now all I want is to make sure this spider grows up big and strong.


Jumping spiders and those big anime eyes.

Edit: One time, I was at my in-laws' house and there was this bigass fly none of us could swat. Little shit legit dodged a fly swatter. But I spotted a zebra jumping spider hanging out in the window. So I ended up herding annoying!fly into that window, and suddenly BAM. Spider fren got a meal the size of herself, and we had no more annoying fly. Teamwork.


I love my little zebra jumpers! I often think of them as pets and try to give them a good life. Sometimes I move them to where some food is. Relatively harmless and playful.

agent_flounder, avatar

Ooh, pretty spidey!


I was sitting on a picnic table at my kids soccer fields and a little jumping spider was crawling around on the table. It actually came over to me so I put my finger out and it didn’t shy away but like touched me and then just hung out around.

I actually wanted to take it home.

And ya I’m over 50yo haha, so I left it alone as the adult thing to do.


Pretty interesting article, thanks for sharing

Ragdoll_X, avatar

No matter how many of these “spiders are actually cute” posts I see I simply cannot be convinced that they’re cute. Macro lenses don’t make them look any less horrifying to me.

raunz, avatar

Needs banana for scale

IndiBrony, avatar

Ooo, it’s like puppy-sized.

agent_flounder, avatar

But…so FUZZY!!

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