Several years ago I lived in an apartment that would have the lawn crew come every Tuesday at 6am, in an apartment complex, 6 in the fucking morning, I was on the 3rd floor and it still would wake me up.


The fucking garbage truck with its beeping ass backing up at 6:30am. Fuck you WasteManagement.


Or fucking tradies that need to whip put the power tools at 7am to do all the Lound shit as early possible then fuck about doing nothing for the rest of the day


I live next to a landscaping company. Fortunately they don’t actually have any grass to mow. Unfortunately they have found so many uses for their leaf blowers I find it almost impressive.

Sweep the garage? No, use a blower. Wash the trucks…leaf blow them dry. Light snow? Skip the shovel, use a leaf blower. Clean the gutters…

It’s never just one either. It’s always a trio or a quartet of unmuffled small engines.

He seems like a nice guy, but damn can he make a shit ton of noise.

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Quartet of unmuffled small engines is a beautiful sentence and I salute you for it.


The amount of noise pollution from leaf blowers is crazy

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reason number 5 to live in an apartment far from any houses, mowing happens like once per month or so and at worst it gets you out of bed when you should be up anyways.

and of course, if the neighbourhood is a concrete jungle there is no mowing whatsoever!


Reason number 1 to not live in an apartment, elephant neighbors.


And their friends / coworkers who show up at 5am and decide the appropriate way to let them know their ride has arrived is by honking.

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One of my old neighbors was a truck driver and he would honk to his wife every day before leaving. At 4am.


That neighbor and I would have had words because that’s inconsiderate as fuck.


Two words: top floor

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stop making shitty apartments, here in sweden they’re made of solid fucking concrete and the only time neighbours are at all audible is when they drop marbles on the floor.

and these are apartments that were built for cheap en masse in the 60’s, there’s no excuse for building shitty apartments.


> early-as-fuck-o’clock

> 1 pm

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Yeah cause fuck second and third shift people amiright?


As someone who worked 2nd and 3rd that’s part of working those shifts. Everyone I know accepted that and adjusted to it. I myself sound proofed the bedroom windows and used solar blocking curtains.

@ThatWeirdGuy1001@lemmy.world avatar

My point was you can do normal everyday activities without waking someone up if you have even the slightest amount of respect for that person.

Morning people literally just act like they’re better and that night people are just lazy and it’s ridiculous how butthurt morning people get when night people have the audacity to want to be able to sleep


When would you suggest for a proper time for them to mow?

@ThatWeirdGuy1001@lemmy.world avatar

I wasn’t necessarily meaning mowing specifically with that reply. Mow whenever you feel like it and I’ll deal.

My point is people who stomp around the house or slam doors or blast music or just genuinely don’t give a fuck that someone’s sleeping.

And I guarantee if you woke a morning person up at like 3am they’ll be a lot less understanding than a night person woken up at 1pm.

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I worked overnights for 5 years and i was given 0 sympathy for being woken up at 1 in the afternoon but on the weekends I stayed up later, obviously, and there was hell to pay if I made any noise.


Honestly, lawn mowers are one of my favorite wake-up sounds. Up there with the sound of breakfast cooking in the kitchen.

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this time of year it's people using loud af leaf blowers to clear a literal dusting of snow off sidewalks and driveways.... at 4am.


Go out there and smell that fresh cut grass, then go tf back to bed.

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Drinking a cup of coffee outside in the morning is great. Quietly.


10am is not early, neckbeards.


Depends. Weekday no, weekend yes.

Alternatively, people could just get an electric mower and mow whenever they’d like lmao

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10am is definitely not early enough to bitch about somebody mowing the lawn no matter the day of the week.

I say this as someone who's on a 4am-noon sleeping schedule.

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Grass cutting and leaf blowing starts here at like 5:45am half the year, it sucks.

@MisterFrog@lemmy.world avatar

Heck, where’s this? Is that not against some sound pollution laws where you’re from? It would be here (Vic, Australia)

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Land of the free to mow your lawn at 5am


I feel personally attacked by this comment.


Anything before 12 is early

@ThatWeirdGuy1001@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah cause fuck second and third shift people amiright?


You gotta do it sometime and following the most common day schedule seems like a sensible choice here


This dude woke up and chose violence lol

@MisterFrog@lemmy.world avatar

We’re all riled up after that other post between morning and night people aren’t we haha

I feel you, where is the line between respecting people’s chronotypes and people actively choosing to go to bed stupidly late and then expected everyone else to tiptoe around their own choices?

The real solution here though is: fuck lawns.

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Or “hell yeah, it’s 7 am, time to power up my leaf blower”

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I have lived this hell.

@seaQueue@lemmy.world avatar

“6am? Let me sing you the song of my people!”


Leaf blowers should be illegal. Those motherfuckers need to re-learn how to use a goddamn rake. I don’t care what time it is or if I’m already awake, I shouldn’t have the quiet enjoyment of my own home regularly interrupted by



More and more people use a leaf blower for snow removal around here. It’s pretty much useless, so it takes forever.

At least the sun doesn’t come up till 10 so you’re not waking anyone up.


I’ve got carpal tunnel, and they actually work better than a shovel since it gets rid of the dust that melts into ice when the sun hits it.

Mines also battery/electric so significantly quieter.

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