An Extraordinary God In an Ordinary Life (

Embark on a captivating journey with Billy as he unravels the extraordinary tapestry woven into the fabric of an ordinary life. In "An Extraordinary God In an Ordinary Life," Billy's narrative goes beyond the surface of life's ebb and flow, inviting readers to witness the meticulous choreography of an ever-watchful Creator....

Between Innovation and Disinformation - An Analysis of the Market for Books Generated by Artificial Intelligence ( Polish

@deep: In this article, I address the topic of content generation by artificial intelligence and its impact on the publishing market and, more broadly, on the quality of information available to readers. I present concerns about the quality and authenticity of AI-generated content in the context of disinformation and potential...

Marjane Satrapi Releases ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ Book With Fellow Illustrators (

Seventeen Iranian and non-Iranian illustrators including Marjane Satrapi have released a book titled “Woman, Life, Freedom.” The book, originally published in French, has been translated into English and other languages, with Satrapi coordinating the project. The Persian version of the book is freely accessible online.


Alan Adaschik fulfilled his lifelong dream of an Alaskan Adventure, selling everything upon retirement. With wife Gayle, they traversed I-94 from Indiana, navigating Chicago's traffic to explore the northern Great Plains, including Glacier National Park. Their journey continued through the Canadian gems of Yoho, Banff, and...

I want to write a Children's Book (

When a little girl decides she wants to see children laugh and learn, she decides to do it by writing a children's book. As she sits and let's the ideas float about in her mind, she begins to put words and pictures on paper. Her book includes nature, animals and beautiful colors of the world in which she lives. Happy with her...

Filipino Funecdotes (

Embark on an entertaining journey into the world of immigrants with 'Filipino Funecdotes,' a delightful book of humorous stories by Fred Apilado. Drawing inspiration from his friends and acquaintances who have made the journey from the Philippines to the United States, Fred weaves tales that are sure to tickle your funny bone,...

Yes, Maybe, No (

In a world that often deals us a deck of cards filled with uncertainties, "Yes, Maybe, No" delves into the intricacies of life's tumultuous journey, especially for women. Navigating the unpredictable twists and turns of existence, the story unravels the complexities that come with facing sorrows, shedding tears, and enduring...

Unlocking the Secrets of Boredom in 'Bored No More' by Aly Mohsen

Delve into the mind of the author as he uncovers the hidden world of boredom and burnout. In 'Bored No More,' Aly Mohsen takes you on a thought-provoking journey, sharing his personal experiences and profound insights into the enigmatic realm of boredom. Prepare to be enlightened and entertained as he demystifies this universal...


Relating my life-time religious. educational, and political experience to mount a valid protest on the weakening of religious faith by becoming actively politically and the phenomenal growth of my humble small church denomination that has changed from "saving souls" to religious prosperity Power and has led Millions of voters to...


Relating my life-time religious. educational, and political experience to mount a valid protest on the weakening of religious faith by becoming actively politically and the phenomenal growth of my humble small church denomination that has changed from "saving souls" to religious prosperity Power and has led Millions of voters to...

WTF What the Family (

Larry Moran turned out ok with wealth, success and a loving family. He started life with 3 different last names In his first year of birth. When his bio mother got married he was listed In the paper as her brother. Read how he overcame bizarre circumstances to turn disaster to triumph. Learn how he found his father and his...

Midnight Flight: A Novel (

Midnight Flight: A Novel is a traditional novel placed in a dynamic time. It combines tragedy with comedy and lies in a domain of its own. Midnight Flight describes the story of Marcel, who moved from the Iran of 1950s to the United States of the 1970s. It is a story of indulgence and witnessing self-destruction of ordinary...

The Rangers of the Forest (

Animals would never socialize with any other animal other than their own kind, but that’s all about to change. Meet Jake, the little raccoon in the story named "The Rangers of the Forest" as he gets lost and searches for a way to get back home. Nettle, the trouble making little run away who becomes Jake’s friend. Daisy and...

Hospitality Made Easy: Mastering Hospitality Accounting (

The hospitality industry, a thriving sector with global revenues exceeding $550 billion, beckons individuals aspiring to build careers within its dynamic confines. Whether you're a student venturing into the realm of Hospitality or an industry professional, this e-book is your indispensable guide. It unravels the complexities of...


The Code: Living a Life of Purpose and Integrity" by Chaz Hernandez is a transformative self-help book that guides readers on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth. In a world marked by chaos and uncertainty, the book serves as a guiding compass, challenging individuals to assess their lives and consider...

Reviving Faith: Black Liberation Theology and the Scripture Debate in a Postmodern World (

In the realm of contemporary theological discourse, a spirited debate unfolds, igniting a clash of ideas that bridges the ancient with the postmodern. Black Liberation Theology, once a voice in the theological wilderness, has experienced a revival in postmodern America, challenging traditional perspectives on the inspiration and...

The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston - A Journey of Faith and Discovery (

In a land untouched by the knowledge of God, an extraordinary message from a parallel Earth sparks the awakening of one young man's quest for truth. Mattpaul, who has never questioned his privileged life, finds his beliefs challenged when a group of supposedly inferior Mountain youth defeats his elite team in their annual game....

The Underground Faith of God's Multiverse (

In 2033, astronomers made a groundbreaking discovery when they intercepted a cosmic message from a parallel universe. This message unveiled the incredible story of a hidden faith community in the distant world of Caperston, who met underground to protect their beliefs from a ruthless ruler. Simultaneously, on our Earth, a young...

Living by the Scribbles in My Head (

In a quaint, sunlit village lived a reclusive artist named Eliza, whose days were spent in quiet solitude, creating whimsical illustrations and crafting heartfelt poems. The townsfolk often marveled at the colorful strokes of her paintbrush and the vivid verses that danced from her quill. Little did they know, every brush stroke...

Our Autumn Years: Not Golden But Interesting (

Our Autumn Years, Not Golden but Interesting uses cartoons and aphorisms to portray the lives of heroes who creatively find ways to overcome overwhelming obstacles or learn to accept them and continue a meaningful life without bitterness. The obstacles are declining minds and bodies, a medical profession that lacks patience,...

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