Tress of the Emerald Sea - Brandon Sanderson

Though some of you might already be familiar with the Cosmere, to those who aren't I think this would be a fantastic introduction, if you like fantasy.

To give you an idea of the type of book: in the post script the author mentions that it's heavily inspired by the Princess Bride, but what if instead of assuming Wesley dead she had gone to find him?

It's also amazing is because it's from Hoid's perspective, also known as the aptly named Wit. Meaning it's really funny.

There's a lot of fantasy books I've read and loved, from short stories to epics, but I'll now compare them all to Tress.

Fubarberry, avatar

I enjoyed it a lot, it’s a really fun story. The spore seas are a really fun setting for a story.


I wasn’t enjoying it nearly as much until I realized it was one of Wits stories. It felt too whimsical when I went in expecting something more grounded like his other books.

But then I made the connection that it’s told like Wits short tales in the other books and just reframing it that way made me like it way more. Weird how it had that effect imo.

Only halfway through though, but still enjoying the pirates life

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