Payment providers should not be able to control what users are or are not allowed to purchase with their cards. It’s a downward spiral. Electronic payment is a necessity in nowadays life.


As long as it’s a legal transaction, the providers should STFU.


In many states, and federally, marijuana sales aren’t legal transactions, and that’s the point. I don’t think Mastercard is necessarily doing anything wrong here, they’re just covering their asses. This one is on our politicians who are still dragging their heels on legalizing marijuana.


I'll never use Mastercard out of principle after this. Fuck them.


You do realize that there are no banks in the United States that will allow marijuana related business to work with them either, right?

It’s highly illegal under federal law. My business is done business with marijuana related businesses in the past, and they all have to operate with cash and hand only. It’s insane.

Nothing like carrying a suitcase full of $250,000 in small sequential unmarked bills to the bank you know…

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fyi slight bone apple tea there

it’s cash in hand


Sets a precedent though, and implies that the card companies are responsible for what people buy. First it’s drugs, then it’s porn, liquor, gender affirming items and hormones, contraceptives, or whatever else the fascists don’t like. Companies won’t want to be fined by the fascist right once they start pushing to ban things.


Mastercard is adhering to federal laws, not taking a moral stand. Credit card companies aren’t obligated to facilitate illegal transactions. If they were banning something whose sale was completely legal, there would be a argument to be made here, but that’s not what’s happening. They aren’t going to go after porn, liquor, gender affirming items, hormones, or contraceptives, unless some fascists ban them, at which point it’s not the credit card companies restricting you, it’s the fascists. Go after the fascists.


What federal law are they adhering to? Mastercard isn’t buying the drugs they are denying a person access to the funds that that person already owns. Mastercard should be agnostic to what the person uses that money for.

It sets a precedent that card companies are responsible for what their client’s purchase, and can reject transactions based on what their clients are purchasing, not how much money/credit they have.

I can go after corporate shitheads and fascists especially when they are holding each other’s cocks.


The fact that marijuana is still federally classified as a Schedule I drug. Why would you think credit card companies should allow cardholders to make illegal transactions using their credit cards? Do you think they’d be okay with people using their credit cards to purchase child pornography? Or hitmen? Trafficked persons? What about 100 kilos of cocaine? I’m aware marijuana isn’t as bad as any of those things, and it’s way past time for the laws to be updated, but the fact remains it’s still against the law to purchase it. To argue they have no obligation to make sure they aren’t facilitating in illegal actions is absurd. As far as I know they’ve never allowed illegal transactions to be made, so absolutely no precedent is being set here.



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  • Rom,

    It’s not a defense of corporations to point out that the root cause of this problem is the laws, you illiterate baby. “Corporations follow existing laws if they protect their profits” isn’t a surprise to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Fix the laws around marijuana and the rest of the issue solves itself.



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  • Rom,

    just because something is profitable for a corporation doesn’t mean it’s good or that we should accept it.

    Read my comment again carefully, please. I didn’t say it was good or that we should accept it, I said it’s what they do. I don’t like corporations either and I’m not defending them, so calm the fuck down and stop inventing reasons to get mad at people.



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  • Rom,

    If you’re too baby-brained to understand the difference between explaining something and justifying it, that’s your problem, not mine. Don’t take your ignorance out on everyone else.



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  • Rom,

    If you want a reasonable argument, then you need to provide one, too. But you came at me with “what a terrible take” and accused me of defending corporations, then deliberately ignored all the comments I wrote clarifying this was not the case, so why exactly do you think you deserve anything other than condemnation and name calling? If anything I’ve been too polite.

    But yeah cry up a storm because someone called you mean names lmao. You’re not a baby at all.


    Sounds like they were drinking…


    Even if it’s illegal it’s not a bank’s job to enforce the law. Banks exist to move money. If something illegal happens then the police can get involved.




    There isn’t as far as I know and there shouldn’t ever be.


    Payment processors have a functional monopoly and should not be permitted to refuse or otherwise be punitive to any category of purchase.


    I think I’m going to make it a goal to stop using these companies. I think credit cards should be banned as predatory actually, or at least heavily restricted.


    These aren’t credit cards, but debit cards. It’s access to money you have already earned, is in the bank, you own, and Mastercard is saying you can’t spend it on a particular thing. You get around this by doing an ATM cash withdrawal, but it’s still an extra step, and it’s still a megacorp restricting your access to something that the law does not.


    Usually (in my experience) the weed store just has an ATM in it, or the POS system is technically an ATM


    Bold move to assume they'll take cash. Many places gave up on cash during the pandemic and many of those haven't gone back to taking cash.

    I used to hate the "convince" fee companies charged for using a credit card, but when it's reframed as a cash discount, it's not as aggravating.

    That said, plenty of places are electronic payment only these days. Scary times, given the payment processor monopoly and their ability to determine what you can and can't buy.


    If payment processers are blocking these payments, then yes, dispensaries will start accepting cash. They’d be suicidal not to.


    All dispensaries around my area take cash. There’s a couple of them that are cash only


    I was amazed the first time I found one that took plastic.


    And you’ll have to pay the atm fee as a punishment for using cash

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    It's access to money you have already earned, is in the bank, you own, and Mastercard is saying you can’t spend it on a particular thing.

    Strictly speaking, they're saying that they won't facilitate the transaction themselves, presumably because they're concerned about legal exposure from processing transactions for goods that are illegal under federal law. State law may not be restricting your access, but federal still is, at least on paper, even if it's largely de facto unenforced.

    Mastercard makes money every time you swipe a card. They're not going to cut off their own income unless they think the cost of not doing doing so is higher, such as legal exposure.

    I agree that I don't love how much control a few private companies have over the financial system, but at least with this case, I think the real issue is Congress for not getting around to legalizing Marijuana.


    Sometimes I need weed but don’t want to get out of my car. It’s a real problem.

    N00dle, avatar

    This is lame. Mastercard telling people what not to by is outrageous but not the first time they’ve done this.

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    What else have they done? I had no idea this was even legal.

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    they did it with pornhub at least


    That one was due to pornhub supposedly not doing any content management to make sure illegal content (child/bestiality/ revenge porn) wasn’t available. Once pornhub put in better security measures, the providers authorized transactions again.

    That’s little different from the providers revoking my businesses ability to accept credit cards if I’m found to not follow the standards required of me for SOX compliance

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    you’re not wrong, but also certain legal, consensual fetish porn is still blocked by the major payment providers. it’s the reason OF/JFF have some arbitrary restrictions

    blazera avatar

    of course pornhub does content management. You're not gonna find a more strictly managed porn site anywhere. They instituted unprecedented regulation, most of their content was wiped and they manually verify studios to be able to upload.

    and no, they did not authorize transactions again.


    They weren’t doing much content management before all that though.

    And my bad, I thought they had, I haven’t checked because I’ve never been in their market to begin with

    blazera avatar

    Yes, yes they were, and absolutely are now.

    TheBat, avatar

    Onlyfans too

    ImFresh3x, (edited )

    I buy all my weed from “my guy.” 10x better product for half the price. And at least I know the person I’m dealing with is one making a living instead of some weed bro millionaire fuckboi who’s dad helped him start his weed venture.


    Cannabis users should move to ban Mastercard.

    uriel238, avatar

    This was a maneuver by VISA and MC in the Aughts when Wikileaks was publishing information embarrassing to the US Federal Government.

    Pharmacies and medical doctors have long been creative about preserving privacy. Dispensaries will go back to selling tea or candy or miscellaneous OTC pharmacological product which they’ve been doing since prohibition if not before.


    How about visa?


    Well, they can’t stop a cash withdrawal on your card to pay for it. So, it appears they still have to pay for it in a way.


    Widespread cryptocurrency adoption will set us free.


    The solution to “I can’t use my credit card to buy weed” is not “guess I’ll join a cult.”


    That sounds like a very cool concept for a music video.


    No. Aside from the fact that cryptocurrencies are just Ponzi schemes and you’d have to be a fool to continue falling for them, using crypto instead of traditional currencies isn’t going to make illegal transactions any less illegal, which is the whole reason Mastercard banned the transactions to begin with.


    Ponzi schemes

    Surely there's a Rule of Acquisition encouraging this, Rom.


    Touche. 🙂 Altough I don’t agree on the Ponzi part, well maybe partially.


    Bitcoin looks better everyday.

    PupBiru avatar

    bitcoin looks worse every day, however there are some potentially useful crypto currencies that do continue to hold some appeal


    And over here in Sweden we’re 99% cash-less at the moment. I tried to warn as many as possible that we do not want to give up transactional independence.

    ArugulaZ avatar

    You'll not stop me! I'll just withdraw money from an ATM, and what I do with that is nacho business.


    Ok, I’ll just switch, they already ban porn purchases 👍


    I didn't even think you were allowed to use debit cards or credit cards to buy weed.


    I use mine all the time to buy weed, but I’m in Canada, it’s legal here.


    In washington state it is only cash. Banks will not bank with weed sellers.


    Use my debit card every time here in NY.

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