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The cruelty is the point.

Menteros, (edited )


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  • stembolts,

    I’m sure you have the potential to type a compelling and eloquent post that would cause us all to change our minds.

    … and I have to thank you for restraining yourself and instead posting nonsense and attempting to start fights.

    I’m glad you are doing this because it reminds the rest of us how much we need to support trans people who regularly have to deal with this.

    Thanks friend. In many ways this makes you a trans ally.


    Schools are pressuring kids to transition then hiding it from the parents.

    No they’re not, stop lying about that. 🙄

    If that doesn’t raise alarm bells you might be a gr00mer

    Sounds like you might be projecting there, champ.

    The reason this is concerning is because kids get beaten or murdered by parents for being different all the time. Lot of shitty parents out there, so it should probably be up the the student on when or if they come out to them.


    I wish it wasn’t true.

    According to the legal document, “Under the Parental Secrecy Policy, Buena Vista teachers and staff would keep secret from parents that their children had articulated confusion about their gender identity, evinced a desire to change their gender identity, or assumed or expressed a new gender identity, unless the student expressly authorized the parents to be informed.”


    “So, then I just make sure when I am calling home, I use what they prefer,” the teacher admits. Then she adds the coup de grâce, “Even if someone told me I couldn’t do that, and I couldn’t call them whatever they want or the pronouns they want without parent permission…” here she pauses for dramatic effect while leaning into the camera, “…I would still do it.” The teacher who prefers to keep a student’s transition a secret then signs off with a knowing laugh.


    Some teachers said they followed the rules, but others discussed being ‘subversive,’ how their personal ‘code of ethics’ trumped laws, and how to ‘hide’ a trans student’s new name and gender from their parents.


    Pressuring kids to transition



    Your quotes don’t support your idea that schools are forcing children to transition… They are literally just protecting a child’s confidential statements because there are shitty fucking parents out there that would kill or abuse their children over this.


    Moving the goalposts… sigh.

    I never said ‘forced’. I said they pressured and hid it from parents. Which is true.


    in your above sources you literally failed to show that they pressured the kids, and your sources consist of six lines of text on a legal case and a fake news rag from terf island.


    Alright you shit eating neanderthal, none of your fucking sources mention anything about pressuring students to transition.

    Get your fucking rage baiting ass out of here.


    So, apparently you’ve shown that schools are persuading children to change their gender using a 6 line news story and a terf tabloid with a fake news problem, very convincing. After reading the first source, it just shows that the schools settled outside of court, and that there was a policy to keep transitioning secret from the parents, unless the student authorized the parent to know. I’m willing to bet that people would be willing to open up to their family if they were not at risk of harm or ostracization. I say that as someone who is closeted for that exact reason.

    Your quotes just show the terrifying nature of schools; using preferred pronouns to… make the children not feel dysphoria? What a conspiracy.


    Ah, the classic LGBTQ groomer allegations. A tale as old as the gay panic, a tale that has never been true.

    Go take your culture war bullshit off lemmy


    How many priests and conservative politicians have been convicted for child porn?


    Whataboutism. Not the point.

    You said it didn’t happen which is clearly false.


    I’m not who you initially responded to, and I don’t think that anybody has claimed that zero LGBTQ people are groomers, just that’s it’s not a higher percentage than any other group, that’s what I was trying to point out


    I don’t think that anybody has claimed that zero LGBTQ people are groomers,

    They did that literally in this thread. And the mod removed a post for ‘reasons’.



    I am not saying that there is not any LGBTQ child predators, I am saying that the tale spun to demonize LGBTQ people as a whole as groomers is just that, a tale with no basis in reality.

    For a quick overview on the origins of this myth, this wapo article goes into it, and this study by the NLM shows that there is no increased risk of sexual abuse due to being LGB.

    Simply put, the groomer myth is an attempt to demonize LGBTQ people, and it’s rhetoric is widely used by people on the right and far right as a way to create some bullshit culture war. It demonizes their opponents, and to creates a moral basis for their otherwise disgusting authoritarian policies while rallying support and making a divide that is impossible to sympathize across.

    oh wont somebody please think of the children


    Parents do not co-parent with the government, as much as the gov would like otherwise.

    True, I agree with you on this, they have an influence but they’re not co-parenting, but school is a place where kids can be themselves among peers, and school and home life should (mostly) be shared at the child’s discretion, especially if they’re over 15.

    Schools are pressuring kids to transition then hiding it from the parents

    Source? Theyre not doing that, what are you talking about?

    If that doesn’t raise alarm bells you might be a gr00mer

    It doesnt raise alarm bells for me because that’s not something that’s happening.


    Both of those sources are known to constantly spout disinformation, and their “evidence” seems tenuous at best.


    Where “disinformation” = News that the left doesn’t like, I agree.

    And we have proof that this is exactly the definition used by the left to censor Twitter and the rest of mainstream internet.


    Imagine unironically sourcing PragerU for any reason and expecting to look smart for it


    No, I mean that nothing in the article is proof that that’s what they’re doing, they’re only hiding the fact that the children are trans from their parents if that’s what the children want, and helping children that are trans by giving them counseling or whatever. Even those articles have no proof of what they’re claiming is happening


    “No proof” aka “I don’t have any logical response to your facts so I’m going to pretend they aren’t real.”

    If you stick your head in the sand even further, you won’t see any light at all.



    “No proof” aka your “source” doesn’t back up your bold claim that “schools are pressuring kids into transitioning”

    Instead of posting it over and over, you should try actually reading it.


    Yet another transphobe trying to make incorrect claims due to a lack of education in the matter and leading to unnecessary deaths of children.


    transphobe, you keep using that word incorrectly. Maybe you should learn what ‘phobic’ means.

    But nice try at dehumanizing me.


    No, I’m using it correctly. Just because you can’t understand why that is and the intricacies of the language aren’t my problem. Nice try at discrediting me and putting words in my mouth.


    No, you’re not.

    having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

    My reasons for not wanting the mentally ill to have access to children are far from irrational.

    Propaganda isn’t “intricacies of the language” btw. Changing definitions is propaganda 101.


    I’d say it’s pretty irrational to fabricate events and then become outraged about them.


    My God its even in the definition and you so confidently don’t get it


    You expend a lot of effort railing against the rights of people you don’t know or understand.

    I’d pity you: but transphobes don’t deserve it. Have fun wallowing in your own rage and piss.


    or aversion

    Oh hey look there you are.


    Typical, called out on spreading a false narrative so you run away with your tail between your legs.

    Classic transphobe.

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