how many of you have genuinely ditched reddit?

due to the rolling blackout... I think it's had its effect.

I think I am done with reddit.

it's a shame because as someone who doesn't use Facebook it was nice to have a sense of local community I otherwise don't get online.

I still think besides the few odd regulars who brought the vibe down every chance they could, it was a genuinely great subreddit.

anyway, I'm just curious how many of you are well and truly done with reddit? not even going back for a peak?


I'm genuinely done with Reddit. If they got a new CEO, new higher ups and what not then maybe I'd go back but I wouldn't go back until I saw proof it had changed.

As of right now Reddit can burn in hell.

repomonkey, avatar

I'm on the fence about it. I was part of the Digg migration and made it into the Eternity Club. I've supported the black-out and will continue to do so, but I have a soft-spot for the site and even if I'm not active on there for the time-being, I won't be deleting my account. My 'on the shitter' site switched from Reddit to TikTok a couple of years ago, so I won't miss that, but there is a vast amount of pornography on the site that is neatly contained and easily filtered that will be hard to replace.


Obligatory"not from /r/Brisbane".

I only used a couple of smaller, specific interest subs. One has essentially shutdown permanently while the other remains up and will likely continue unaffected. However 99% of my time spent on reddit over the years has been through third party apps. Since none of my problems with the official reddit app have been, or will be, addressed and I am uninterested in desktop or mobile browsing, the changes ultimately mean that I will no longer have any way of accessing reddit. So yes, I am done with the platform.

I personally don't think it's a big deal. Before reddit I was a regular in several smaller forum communities and I greatly preferred it. Everyone there was genuinely interested in the shared interest or the community built around it. You didn't get these random normies chiming in with their braindead opinions and then disappearing never to be heard from again.


I was only on that site because of GME and Superstonks. But, I know to buy, DSR and hold.

Otherwise, I don't care about that site anymore.


I genuinely loaded it up perhaps 3 times in the last 5 days or so and those were on accident, with me leaving immediately again. I‘m committed to this in a similar way I am committed to quit smoking, ~280 days without a cigarette.

nsantoro73, avatar

I was a Reddit user for 9 years. I ditched it on TikTok to prove to people that they don’t control you.


If I can get regular interactions here around certain topics like Brisbane, Aussie Politics, and ice hockey then not going back will just be a fairly natural profession for me. Yes, I don’t like how they made the API changes but more than that, I’m not going to install their app. Once my 3rd party app of choice stopped working (I use Joey and it’s still free and working for now) I’ll just fall off.


I’m here now, trying to wean myself off relay. So far I’ve found the thunder app for Android to be the nicest.

Does anyone use any developmental kbin apps yet or is that not a thing?


I went ahead and scrubbed my post history over there. When Apollo closes out, I’ll be out. Hoping this setup continues to grow. It’s a shame, but no interest in supporting the current stupidity.


I haven't used Reddit since I discovered Lemmy. I was a lurker on Reddit and just browsed /r/all. That was a pretty unhealthy habit, glad that the black out happened honestly.


On top pf being the spcial media I interacted the most, Reddit also used to be my default idle scrolling app, whenever I had time to kill and a phone with Internet on my hand or when I felt like multitasking watching TV. I stopped using it for the blackout and I never really went back.

I snooped a bit through r/modcoord and r/save3rpartyapps to see how thing were going when someone mentioned them a couple of days ago and from there I went on the linked subs to see their alternative protests and vote on the subs I subscribe to, but that's it.

I still miss some subs, but I haven't felt the need to visit them yet, so even if I cave in, I'm no longer a daily user, just a once-twice a month one with a ton of ad blocks.


I left this week. Am still trying to get the reddit experience via lemmy though. Need to have highly specialized communities, engaged user bases, and easy UI experience. Not quite there yet, but we'll get there.


I’m totally done with Reddit, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss it. I know Reddit can harbour a bunch of chronically online people, but nearly every interaction I had on there was wholesome. I miss the niche communities and the sense of belonging. I won’t ever go back though, primarily because of the constant ads, but also because the CEO has shown what kind of attitude he’s planning to drive Reddit forward with. I hope as time goes on, Lemmy will continue to grow, sparking intellectual and helpful posts and communities.


The biggest issue for me right now is troubleshooting and searching. Reddit search is awful, but google + Reddit is almost irreplaceable imo. You don’t have to read through ai generated article that’s just repeating keywords, just find a post that contains the answer.

Ai chat seems to be a pretty good replacement, but it’s still up in the air for now.


I'm done. I tried to switch to mastodon but I didn't like the format. Lemmy/kbin are much more like a forum and that works for me.

I've actually found myself browsing reddit without realizing it. It took a couple of days but I'm getting used to Lemmy.


Mastodon is used more for microblogging, like Twitter. I don't know why people keep recommending it as a reddit replacement.


Yeah it took me awhile to figure that out. The federated nature of it is cool, but wrong interface. Where as Lemmy/Kbin give me federation AND format.

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