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Following in the footsteps of crank medicine supporters like King Charles III.

Showroom7561, (edited )

“We were just having a conversation about the role naturopathic doctors have in Alberta,” Lagrange said. "(Roth) was highlighting all of the great work that they’re doing.

Might as well highlight all the great work magicians do at children’s birthday parties.

And stop validating these fraudsters by calling them “doctors”. Them, along with chiropractors, should never be confused with real doctors.


There’s a saying: if alternative medicine worked, it would just be called “medicine”.


Yes and no nowadays there has to be a profit that can be made off of it, for some big corporation.


I have an idea! The government should provide Homeopathic remedies to every household! I bet they could make homeopathic remedies in bulk real cheap. Maybe come up with a system

I’m ready for my job as Alberta’s next Health Minister!


Tap water is the cure to all diseases


It is breath enough of it in and you have no more problems.


Wow, this is truly pathetic. These assholes sure are massively successful in one regard: Absolutely NOBODY can present themselves as so worthlessly stupid with almost no effort like the UCP MLAs can.

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