Good old conservatives, best I can tell is they are against it because it covers contraceptives.


They’re against it because the Liberal Federal government is proposing it.


It’s truly a miserable fact of life that we somehow elected these childish buffoons that just can’t help but say stupid things at every possible opportunity.

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The feds could negotiate deals with the individual provinces. If your province opts in, they get federal assistance, if they don't they get bupkis.

There is no requirement for the feds to compensate provinces who choose not to sign on to programs.


In an email to Global News on Sunday, Alberta’s health minister said that if the federal government pursues a national pharmacare program, Alberta intends to opt out, and instead intends to obtain a full per capita share of the funding.

So they can just pocket the money like that with no strings attached? wth

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I am sure their math will be just as poor for this as it was for the Pension Plan


Yeah how’s that going? (I don’t live in Alberta.)

It seems to me this idea of opting out of federal programmes might score some quick political points if you’re a have-province, in that it could be argued you’re sinking more into them than you’re getting out. But Alberta has historically had a boom-and-bust economy, and as such, cutting those federal lifelines seems unwise. But what do I know?


I DO live in Alberta, and the general consensus is that (a) almost nobody wants to leave the CPP, but (b) Smith will make it happen, regardless of logic or the will of the people.


This is the same government that thinks if they leave the CPP, they’ll get 55% of the value that’s in the CPP.

Clearly, math IS hard.


Man, fuck these UCP idiots.

Provincial governments need to work closely with the federal government. The provincial government actually has a responsibility to establish and nurture that relationship, and not simply throw temper tantrums when the relationship isn’t what they want it to be. When the UCP chooses to be oppositional and obstructive like this, it hurts Alberta citizens, and makes life worse.

There are a lot of things I love about Alberta. But if the next provincial election shows that a majority of the citizens truly want a provincial government that behaves like this, I’m outta here.


Born and raised in Calgary, moved to Van Island about 3 years ago. Other than the Rockies and close friends, we don’t miss AB at all


BC needs to somehow convince Alberta to give us the mountians. Maybe tell em it’s full of liberals or something. Idk though might be hard to convince them to give up the good part of the province.


Please take Edmonton too


Sorry bro, the malls not cool enough anymore.


Edmonton is cool. I’d be happy to have them.


Man, fuck these UCP idiots. psychopathic sadists.

FTFY. They’re not stupid, they know exactly what they’re doing.


Why even allow provinces to opt out if it’s a national plan?


Constitutionally, healthcare is a provincial responsibility so provinces have a lot of legal room to maneuver. That said the federal government is allowed to require single payer healthcare, so I’m wondering what’s preventing them from giving Alberta the choice to use either a federal version or make their own, but not have nothing.

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Alberta, why?!


Because they voted for hucksters and openly anti-social, money-loving corporate sycophants.

They can’t get along with the closeted anti-social, money-loving corporate sycophants.


Not all of us did.

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@sik0fewl If the Alberta government are not using the motto "your government working against you" they have failed yet again.

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