I should probably thank Netflix for helping me save money. Their shenanigans pissed me off enough that I’ve entirely withdrawn from all paid streaming - I have a media server and a VPN now. Total media cost, $70 /year or ~$5.83 /month. For that, I have:

  • Access to any movie or t.v. show any streaming service has ever provided
  • No ads
  • Shows/films don’t get removed from from the platform without warning.

@blackstampede any guides you would recommend? Asking for a friend

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Plex with paired with apps like Sonarr and Radarr (*arr family: )


Didn’t use one, but I can give help and advice if you want to dm me.

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Look up Plex. And then look up Plexshares. Unfortunately the subreddit is private at the moment so I'm not sure where else to look but I am a part of one and I pay 18AUD, have access to all the latest movies Anne TV shows that are on streaming or have been on streams.


Out of curiosity, which subreddit is it?

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R/Plexshares i think

LDRMS, (edited )
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Hey @blackstampede now that is impressive!!

Edit: Also wondering if there are any guides, for a friend also.


I didn’t use one, just figured it out on my own. If you want to dm me, I can give you a little help and explain what I did.

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That’s awesome thank you very much.✌🏼


No worries. Good luck!


Right there with you! Though I must be honest, I spent a lot more time and energy on automating the thing than I expected. Now that it's up and running, it's bulletproof and very low touch. I'm now permanently out of the streaming ecosystem. Which is really testament to how badly these companies screwed up. I still subscribe to Spotify because I get access to everything for a fair price. Visual media streaming could have been the same thing, but no. They created 10 different competing services, constantly switching where content could be located. All the apps are different and many suck. They're full of DRM so I struggle to watch them on planes or car trips, depending on the service. They gave us a terrible experience and continue to jack up the prices. I'm out.


Are you using Plex or something else? I’m looking at options atm and curious what’s out there.

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Plex is what I'm using.

Rising5315, (edited )

Here is a good matrix of which media server app supports what.

That being said, I’d still recommend Plex for anything more than just a project.

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Your link links to this post.


Whoops! Fixed




Yes, Plex, and a super cheap Intel G5400 plus some disks running Unraid. Very low energy so I can keep it running 24x7. It also supports QuickSync, so can transcode x265 content easily without a GPU.

My two favourite pieces of software in the world are Sonarr and Radarr. And they're free! They'll automate everything for you. Then you just tell them which movies and shows you want and they'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

I've got them set up with some public trackers, but I also pay for a cheap Usenet subscription ($3/m). Between these I grab almost everything I want.


A couple of people have asked for more info about my setup, so here’s what I did. I’m on mobile, so forgive any typos:

  1. I bought a refurbished Dell mini PC from some website or other - if you Google “refurbished Dell mini PC” it’ll probably be the top result. It doesn’t need to be fast or have too much memory, but I’ve got a 2TB hard disk in mine, which is surprisingly cheap. Also needs at least one HDMI port.
  2. I installed Ubuntu 20.04, and made a single user with no password, then set it to boot straight to the desktop. Plugged it directly into the t.v. with an HDMI cable.
  3. I bought a cheap wireless keyboard with a roller ball in it that (barely, need a better one) can be used from my couch.
  4. Installed Jellyfin and set it to run as a background service on boot. It has two directories it cares about: ~/Videos/Film and ~/Videos/Television
  5. Set up ssh so that I can use scp to push files from my personal laptop to the server without having to dick around with thumb drives etc. I also have a script that checks how much disk space is available on the media server so I don’t run out (that 2TB drive fills up fast).
  6. Got a NordVPN subscription and use Transmission on my personal laptop to download anything I want to see, push it to the server.

For a while, I also had an external domain name and IP so I could watch my videos on my phone while travelling, but I switched routers recently and something broke. I haven’t set this back up, but there are services that will give you a static IP and route requests to your actual IP so you can have a static domain name without having to pay your ISP for a static IP.

EDIT: also, you can set commands to run at login, so it boots directly to Firefox running in kiosk mode on the Jellyfin web app. The end result is that on boot, I get the Ubuntu symbol, a brief flash of desktop, and then I’m browsing my media library full screen.


You can get cheap shared (99p per month) or private netflix (with PIN) by checking out

Message me if you wanna test it out. it works so far worldwide,


a bold move for a company that has marginal content. there are way better paid options out there.


You can get cheap shared (99p per month) or private netflix (with PIN) by checking out

Message me if you wanna test it out. it works so far worldwide,

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YAHAR!!! I guess I’ll put on me pegleg and eye patch again.

To the seven digital seas… YAHAR! mates, we’re sailing again!!


We cancelled Netflix when they changed their plans earlier this year forcing people to pay extra to use their account in multiple locations.

Fuck em. There’s plenty of streaming websites to watch their content without going through their platform, so whatever. Paying them was a means to say thank you for providing your service, but after being treated like that, they can get bent.


Canadians phase-in their "free" torrent streaming plans from stremio


Got that IPTV and Sonarr/Radarr setup already cooking ;)

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Just gonna leave this here.



Or even better the megathread linked on there for direct info:


Fuck ‘em. They get one month from me. To watch Lupin. Otherwise nope not interested.

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So now they've confirmed existing basic plan members are also being targeted "in the near future". No problem, I've saved them the trouble for myself. I had mostly stopped using it by now anyway, not even worth the $10/month I was wasting on it

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Why Canada? The artice says Netflix also used Canada to test its password sharing changes as well so it seems Canadians are a testing ground for Netflix for some reason


Canada (or some specific cities here) has long been used as a test market for all manner of things.

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I had noticed this as well. My theory is, they see us as a demographically similar market to the US but significantly smaller. So they can test their plans on us to get an idea of response before rolling it out to a larger American audience while taking a much smaller financial risk.

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Why Canada? The artice says Netflix also used Canada to test its password sharing changes as well so it seems Canadians are a testing ground for Netflix for some reason

Well, Canadians have many biological similarities to humans, so they’re good candidates for a variety of experiments


Cause statistics don’t lie.


Probably because viewing habits are similar to the US, but not as large. So if the "testing" doesn't go well, they don't lose out as much as the bigger markets.

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Maybe we're too nice to REALLY complain so they do it here first to prepare U.S.A. Americans for it


Why Canada

Corporate test markets are always in areas where the demographics cover many different targets. If you test in an area that leans heavily towards one demographic, mostly old people for example, then you don’t get any data about how other groups view your change, like teenagers.

Canada is incredibly diverse but also small and with well defined boundaries.


Sorry, we are quiet and don't cause much of a fuss.


Smaller sample size but similar enough culture to the states. Sometimes we gets apps first too before they try pushing it to 300+ million


I stayed after the password sharing crackdown but this will make me cancel.

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My entire family have paid a family plan for years. Once they changed the terms on that plan and want us all to purchase independent plans, we cancelled.

Pirate streams of Netflix content load faster than they did on original Netflix now. 1 for us, 0 for Netflix.

We were paying customers. I guess they don’t like money.


No random drops to lower quality either!


You can get cheap shared (99p per month) or private netflix (with PIN) by checking out

Message me if you wanna test it out. it works so far worldwide,


Personally I had cancelled my subscription a couple years ago. Not even over any particular action on Netflix’s part. I wasn’t using the service enough to justify paying for it monthly.


Same here. It’s the same reason we dropped cable about 10 years ago.

Not enough value to justify the cost.

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