I'm glad there's fewer 'comedians' here

I was Reddit earlier and viewing one of question subs. The top 5 comments were all ‘jokes’.

What’s worse is no matter how unfunny the top jokes are you’ll get hundreds of cold comments flogging the joke to death.

The 6th top comment actually answered the question.

Lemmy may not have as much content but what is here is so much better quality.

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I went back and forth on this when I was new to Reddit. At first I was frustrated by the humor in the comments but later I appreciated having a laugh so I actually liked it most of the time.

Laughing is good for you. Questions on social media don't have to be stoic academic discussions. There are other places for that. It is ok to laugh a bit.

I also think the question should be answered, so I do agree with you...in part.

magnetosphere, (edited )
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Funny is good. The same endlessly recycled puns, references, and predictable comment chains aren’t funny, though.

I do agree with you, however.


As an early adopter of Reddit, it always had jokes. What it only recently came into possession of is an inability to be serious. I consider the jokes an enzyme, in that they are a small piece that accelerates the coming of an answer and the proportion of joke and answer should be similar to enzyme and substrate. At least one of the top 3 comments should be an attempt at answering the question or both the jokes and the answers are devalued.


I agree with this entirely. A joke can be satirical and bookend a thread but the top comments deserve to at least be thoughtful and insightful. It’s much like how comedic timing and actual contribution have to be balanced in real life.

Try your best to get your voice heard but always ask yourself “Am I really contributing to this conversation?” before submitting.

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Reddit is this weird combo of the unfunny pun-chain dipshits who take nothing seriously lumped in with the “AKSHUALLY” assholes who take themselves way too seriously.

The vibe on Lemmy is much better in general. And when you do encounter a random jerk here, blocking works. As another commenter pointed out, the lower population of Lemmy is a feature not a problem.


Reddit is this weird combo of the unfunny pun-chain dipshits who take nothing seriously lumped in with the “AKSHUALLY” assholes who take themselves way too seriously.

Hey, some of us do both at once! Get it right! 😡

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I always love it when there’s a thread about annoying behaviours and people show up to demonstrate that they are the exact thing being complained about 😂

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Well that’s not me because I’m funny fr no cap


As another commenter pointed out, the lower population of Lemmy is a feature not a problem.

And when an instance gets too big, smash that block button.

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That’s the strategy I used… For your mom.


I much prefer the higher mix of soft, sensitive types on Lemmy. Humor really gets in the way of feeling my feelings you know?

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Have you tried LSD?


Man i am trying so hard to come up with an appropriate pun right now, but it’s just not happuning.


That is the best description of Reddit users I’ve ever seen. And I guarantee you they’d downvote you for saying it even though you’re right lol

And, this comment attracted exactly the type of annoying users we’re talking about.

So, the replies in this thread have brought about my first use of the block button(x3). Thanks to whoever suggested liberal use of it. Definitely recommend.

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Blocking makes the experience much better. People sometimes worry this can create a “confirmation bubble” but the real trap to avoid is engaging with the trolls and weirdos. I wouldn’t talk to them on a subway platform, so why talk to them online.

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Excuse me, which platform is for trains to downtown?

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Depends on how fast you block people, some users are going to have a pretty empty experience if they just block anyone that doesnt agree with them on everything all the time. As far as hive minds go it’s just as bad here as reddit.

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What did the carpet say to the Christmas tree?

  • I forgot the rest of the joke 😔
iraq_lobster, (edited )

in reddit someone argued that Lemmy isn’t user friendly because you have to make several accounts in several ‘instance’ thingy’s and thus not practical at all. tbh if it takes unpracticality to fend off those single braincell people then all the better: might as well require 2fa and an iris scan just to post a comment or sign in smh

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An argument against that is that typically the only need for multiple accounts is if a specific instance has defederated against another instance. In most cases those defederated instances are hosting hostile or pedo content. Good riddance!


In most cases those defederated instances are hosting hostile or pedo content.

Except there has been (still is?) all the drama between the tankie instances and the big instances defederating from each other that I was happy to sidestep by joining a smaller instance.


all instances dont upgrade their Lemmy version at the same time: sometimes a spare account is required to keep browsing Lemmy. Also some servers become sluggish when they become popular and have high usercount. I always prefer to sign up to the next newest and smallest instance out there: that way i keep browsing Lemmy smoothly. And also yea: multiples accounts spare me also the Lemmy drama of federation/defedaration.

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Personally I quite enjoy stupid jokes, but it’s not like I super miss them. I just have a soft spot for bad puns and low effort word play


I think it’s slightly less of a problem with the platform and more of an issue with how the content that is the replies get served. First come, first serve. Even on Lemmy the first few responses will be much higher voted than the rest, because they get sorted to the top.


This is the same thing I live about Lemmy, it doesn’t need to be the start page of the internet and thats fine with me.


I strongly agree with your sentiment. There is absolutely less karma whoring here and it makes the place nicer to be in. Jokes stop being funny after about the thousandth time but the circlejerk stopped them from dying.

I love that you don’t have to trawl through a mile long pun thread before you find a comment that is actually novel or contributes to a discussion.

Then again it’s not like this place is perfect, there was the bean thing which was funny for about five minutes but went on for weeks and meme accounts which are the same old flogging jokes to death that you were talking about.

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This is the main reason I’m here. In 5-10 years, the fediverse will be standard, and full of the same slobbering morons. But for now, being niche and fresh, it seems to be populated by more intelligent and conscientious folks.

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Gonna have to disagree, the quality is identical there’s just fewer overall comments so it seems that way at first glance. Instead of the top five being jokes it’s only like two and they aren’t as upvoted.

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If upvoting the same old joke for the thousandth time is your idea of fun, you know where Reddit is.

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If gatekeeping what people post is your idea of casual conversation on a social threaded discussion community, you know where Reddit is.


Is this how lonely sadists get off nowadays? By flogging and abusing words like gatekeeping in public?

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Is that what you think is casually happening here? Are we actually waiting in line in a Wendy’s drive thru right now?



Are you gatekeeping casuality to me right now?

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Are you correlating at me right now?


It would be nice to be able to mark a comment as silly while writing it, just like low priority emails. OP could skip notifications for those and they could be sorted to the end.


Tildes has this feature, and I love it. There are a bunch of tags that can be applied to comments, both of the “this is a brilliant contribution” and “this is noise/low effort/silly” varieties.

In general, Tildes culture is high effort, but there’s still room for fun. It’s nice to see each platform innovating.


Yes, this would be an excellent feature. Only problem is people exploiting it to hide or ridicule legitimate responses they don’t agree with. But that’s a problem for later. With the cussing userbase and growth rate this feature works be great for quite a while.


I believe the implication is you self flag these while writing them, so people can filter them out if they dont want the clutter


Banning all jokes is also a mistake. The biggest joke on Reddit was the science subs, where hardcore moderators pretended to be responsible for building an encyclopedia of only true statements. Leave that for Wikipedia or actual publishing. Nobody in their right mind would go to Reddit or Lemmy to search for the absolute truth about rocket science anyway. A forum is a place for discussion and conversations and should contain clueless questions and even jokes.

I don’t mind a joke or a good pun as long as it’s original and relevant to the context. Some jokes only work well in a serious context. The problem is that they’re not original and often forced to fit the context.

Serious and interesting comments also get repeated ad nauseam. This happens because of the size of the userbase. It’s “original” to someone. (Please don’t link the 10.000 xkcd).

Also the age of the users. There are soo many juveniles on Reddit who still have to learn how to even have a conversation that isn’t about arguing or one-upping the previous poster.

Overall, I think people here have a better grasp on what they want from an online community.


siR tHis iS a WeNdyZ


Lol, the Earth will be fine.


It used to be funny to open up a thread on /r/AskHistorians and see all the comments removed and the thread locked. In that sub, even true information was forbidden if it came from a dilettante.

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Hey, man, do you even realize how hard it is to scrape the bottom of a barrel? It’s pretty hard. Especially if you’re a large fellow.

@Kiwi_Girl@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

I’ve never understood what’s so difficult about it. Once you flip it upside down it practically scrapes itself.

@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

But then it’s the top.


Top comment right here.

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Move to Australia first.

Taps head

@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

Nah, that stuff sticks, that’s why scraping is required.

@stackPeek@lemmy.world avatar

It was a while ago, but I remember there being a forced meme about peanuts or something, right around after Reddit APIpocalypse

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