TheFriar, (edited )

“I swear to cat god, if you type one more button on that stupid bumpy bed I’m gonna chew those little sausage fingers right off.”


Knows type but doesn’t know keyboard? I think you made this up.


Yeah, they’re a cat but not an idiot.

Seditious_Delicious, avatar

What! No try, catch ()?


I get it. You don’t want people to know you have chrome, internet explorer, edge, and real player installed.



umbrella, (edited ) avatar

and that bit of code is very confidential NDA CIA shit


You joke, but NDAs do not


I know it is hard but when your cat is done with work, you will get fed.

half_built_pyramids, (edited )


solidgrue, avatar

Sing me a song of brethren, and I might share a pic in kind. Mine learned to read clocks I the winter hours, but follows the sun betwixt the equinoxes.

He’s a shifty one.

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