Firing her was a campaign promise that Johnson made to voters during the campaign. I guess people are now saying that he should be scolded for doing what he said he was going to do? Most of the people whining about this are people who were doing Vallas victory laps the day before the election.

Besides, it’s perfectly normal for a new administration to replace key positions with their own. That’s why these people are called “political appointees”. Again it’s crazy that Johnson is for some reason expected to keep the people around who are 1) opposed to his agenda and 2) partially responsible for the last mayor losing her election.


How do you calculate she did the correct thing based on data? She pushed to reopen schools during a time with some of the highest case and death counts recorded -…/cps-will-return-to-in-pers…

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fyi, you posted that like 4 times in a row, the site is slow and sluggish, so it likely counted every click as a new post.

I liked the Tupac reference from Mayor Johnson.

“Transition is difficult for everyone,” Johnson said. “But as has already been articulated, I don’t know how many times you’re allowed to quote Tupac (Shakur) in a press conference, but ‘You can’t always go by the things that you hear.’ Right?_ ‘Real eyes…realize…real lies.’_ That’s also Tupac Shakur.”

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