There's a record number of fossil fuel representatives and lobbyists at COP28

“The United Arab Emirates Energy and Infrastructure minister talked about this meeting being the most ‘inclusive’ of all meetings in the past,” Boykoff says. “His use of the word ‘inclusive’ was a way to talk about how this has involved fossil fuel interests unlike ever before.”

DessertStorms avatar

I wonder how many already existing victims of climate disaster they'll be including.. 🤔😒🙄


It’s like inviding child molesters to a conference on child safety…


They had a fucking presentation on “responsible yatching”. These people are deeply unserious when it comes to handling climate change.

Sanctus, avatar

That was eye opening, I no longer think peaceful alternatives will work. They don’t care. They’ll kill us all.


Agreed. Here’s a book meant purely for entertainment purposes you might find interesting…/various-authors-ecodefe…

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