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Its sad, as a global community we aren’t even trying. All it takes is an oil baron hosting and him saying some unscientific bullshit and all world leaders fold. We can do better than this.


we can, but we won’t.


There is no environmentalist army.

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Bullshit, every one of us is part of it. You’d be surprised how much infrastructure operates on the notion that people won’t attack it. You ever see any body guards around power substations? The issue is, we all have to get really fucken uncomfortable and no one wants to do that. No one wants to take out the power to their own city. Nobody wants to throw rotten milkshakes at their representatives every time they leave their house cause that’s a commitment and we all have to get to work too. But the planet doesn’t give a shit, it doesn’t know what a job is. It doesnt know what the fuck bills and money is. And it doesnt care. The truth is it is a very real situation, chosing between the status quo and the planet we need to survive. Its happening right now and we all have a choice.


Lone wolf attacks on electrical substations doesn’t get you very far. The Nazis have been trying it in the US on the theory that it would start a race war and they could kill al lthe nonwhites and nonhetrosexuals. It didn’t do much.

Actually taking meaningful sabotage action which is effective at cutting fossil fuel use requires a bunch of expertise and coordination which simply doesn’t exist in the environmentalist movement right now.

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We don’t have the time. We did 20 years ago. We don’t have five years to group, plan, and execute anymore. From my point of view, especially after COP28, its guerrilla activism or death. They will force us all to become ecoterrorists before they give up their oil thrones.


It’s an entire system, it’s bigger than any one individual can fix, dispersed individual attacks by definition cannot challenge an entire system. Go be a Willem Van Spronsen if you really feel like it, but keep in mind, Willem Van Spronsen type actions literally make so little impact that I had to go look that guy’s name up.

TBH it’s really hard to care too much about this type of argument because the “nobody” you’re castigating includes yourself. This is really more about your lack of followthrough on actions you feel are necessary, but carry a higher cost than you’re willing to pay. If you were up to this stuff, you wouldn’t be talking about it on social media, so we know you’re not up to anything yourself.

It may also be possible you suspect there is more to fixing this than blowing up power stations, and you’d look a damn fool if you threw your life away while everybody else got together and actually fixed it, wouldn’t you?

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How do you fix a system where the people in power retain their power by it being broken? You’re right, I can’t really afford the cost of causing mass chaos and disruption just to say fuck you to some Saudi dudes who own everything. But do you think the creeping administrations of the globe will even move 1/10th the speed required to kick all of these fossil fuels AND implement better energy solutions? No! They’ll throw 5 bil to SRP who will shove the whole stack up their ass while our power grid remains unmaintenanced since 1985. The point I’m convinced of, that I’m trying to share, is the passage to peaceful safety no longer remains. The poorest nations on Earth are going through clinate upheavals as we argue. Time is up and we have nothing but more fossil fuel usage to show for it.


I am pretty confident that the coming decades are going to see a massive spike in ecologically-motivated terrorism and violence, and that a lot of that may actually be state-sponsored by nations that are going to effectively sink into the ocean, become too hot for humans, or become unliveable for some climate-oriented reason, and thus have basically nothing to use. They’ll start figuring out creative ways to destroy pipelines, collapse oil rigs, ruin coal mining infrastructure, sink tankers, and many other interesting activities that will make it much less profitable and more hazardous for fossil -fuel companies and petrostates to operate as they have in the past.

To borrow a quote from JFK: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

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