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Hmmm maybe if the future of the nation’s infrastructure thought about limiting climate change instead of contributing to it…


And highways got more lanes, fixing everything once again…


Jesus Christ, is Lemmy already at Reddit levels of not-reading-the-article and just assuming the worst? The comments used to be actually ok but here is almost everyone just making snarky comments that clearly didn’t read the article and assuming that this is the only money that Biden has approved.

It literally says it’s part of $50 billion earmarked for climate change related infrastructure.

Sure, complain that we spend way too much on military, but maybe you people should try and be better, examine your biases, and stop being part of the problem.


Fully agreed with you. I’m also trying to improve, so sometimes I go back to my reply and add what action I want to see after I’m done venting my snark.

Kinda crazy and awesome that the 2021 bill is benefiting so many years after it’s passed.


That’s like two bridges and a back alley.

To put it another way, GTA5 cost more than this to make.


Biden gives rich people more taxpayer money for doing nothing.


This is one of a string of announcements which have been coming out a few times per week as the Inflation Reducton Act and infrastructure bills of the 2021-2022 congressional session are implemented


830 million for climate change.

70 billion for the Palestinian Genocide.

Can someone take away this man's checkbook?


That would mean 0 for climate change.


Not paying for an endless supply of rocket fuel, but instead ACTUALLY paying for solar panels on homes and electric cars for the masses?

Ya, that would wouldn't spell a net positive for climate change.

800 million for climate change.

70 billion for the genocide of the Palestinian people.

400 billion for the US pentagon.

Sounds about right. For a fascist piece of shit, that is.


I think you misunderstood my stupid comment. You took his checkbook so he has no way to pay anything… cause you took his method of payment.



And I think you misunderstood my not stupid comment.

His checkbook has billions for genocide... frequently, and millions for not genocide... rarely.

Take his fucking checkbook.


I didn’t misunderstand, I didn’t care. There’s a difference.


You Russian trolls really gotta work on your craft. You’re kinda beating us over the head with it.


You go burn in a fire you genocidal prick.

American as fuck.

The good kind, which is in rare supply because of you cowardly douches.


Says the imbecile on the internet lashing out at strangers from the safety of his armchair. You’re so big and tough.

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Pretty sure this is less than the US spent shooting down Iranian drones this weekend.


What was that estimate again? Something on the order of 1.8 billion?


Just give that much in ev cars away probably better results


That would benefit Americans and not slaughter Palestinians, so supervillain mirrored glasses man won't sign off.


…across 37 states, washington dc, and the virgin islands. Not even a Billion split between all of them.

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Yeah this is basically pissing in the wind and calling it rain.


Look, its almost $3 from each US citizen, I dont see how more could be done.

Ranvier, (edited )

These are just the latest grants in $50 billion already allocated so far, with more to come from both the infrastructure law and the inflation reduction act (which had the bulk of the climate change related funding). The $837 million is just the funding for these 80 newest projects that got funding on Thursday. The money from these giant laws don’t all go out at once. It’s made available, and then projects are submitted by state and local governments for funding. Everyone in this comment thread acting like $837 million is the only climate change funding is very mistaken and should probably start by reading the article, it’s purpose is just to inform on these newest batch of projects that applied for and are now going to receive funding. I’m not saying don’t allocate even more, but waaaay more than $837 million has been allocated so far and there’s a lot more funding already passed waiting for projects still. It’s not like specifically last Thursday was the only day ever that climate projects are being funded, just the latest batch.


Oh I definitely read it, and was also being snarky for sure. But even in the article it says that only 50 billion total gas been doled out. 50 billion split between more than fifty different states and territories over the course of two years still doesn’t cut it for me. Yes, it helps and i’m certainly appreciative that it is not zero (as it would have been otherwise). However, it is still far too little, especially when it is estimated that we spend 20 billion every year on oil industry subsidies.


Anything but actually solving the problem.


We need more. Let's start seeing a domino effect of major energy conglomerates paying record awards from lawsuits.

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