mmm cofy

HereToLurk, avatar

Does Lemmy do banners? Can we make him the banner?


Saint Jimmy

GreenCrush, avatar

Sufficient heft.


I grind my bean for thee James Hoffman.


thou shalt continue to be addicted to both great coffee and lemmy 🙏🏼amen

WytchStar avatar

I recognized the reference so I guess I'm in the right place.


And of course his alter ego Hames Joffman.


Slurp loud and true, my brethren, and I hope you have a great day.


Oops, I'm having tea this morning!


Hoffman, his name be praised. I raise this aeropress in honor of him. Whenever I taste this brew, I do so in remembrance of him.


For a moment, I thought the thumbnail was a pic of John Oliver, and I was worried we brought that here, lol


Not noticing this is c/coffee I couldn’t quite place the face either. Anyway it worked because I just sub’d. Although I’m more of an r/espresso guy.

TheMightyBlu, avatar

In a parallell universe, r/pics creates a new rule that you may only submit a post if it contains an image of James Hoffmann looking mildly displeased with an under-extracted brew

WFH, avatar

And r/gifs only gifs of our lord and savior tasting something truly disgusting and softly muttering “oh no”

TragicNotCute, avatar

Amazing and cursed.

overzeetop, avatar

I raise my Sunday morning cup (Costa Rica, local roast, V60) in tribute.

GreenPlasticSushiGrass avatar

Half-caff (French Roast and Mayan Water Decaf). My shipment from Stone Street just arrived last week!

TheMightyBlu, avatar

Colombia (Huila region!), local roast, also V60, cheers!


Ethiopian natural, local roast, V60, Hoffman Ultimate technique. Cheers!


Right now I came back to the classic - Brazil as an espresso, it’s something I really love to come back to after some weird, fermented coffies in aeropress/clever dripper

TheMightyBlu, avatar

Request for someone to replace the heart icon here with a refractometer

SuburbanHaikuist avatar

Or a coffee bean?


Or a coffee bean?


Or maybe a coffee bean?

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