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In honor of Gary Larson's birthday, repost with a Far Side cartoon that you love.


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@franciscawrites @bookstodon This is pretty classic.


@TheSaanichDaily @franciscawrites @bookstodon

This is my very favourite.

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    @TheSaanichDaily @franciscawrites @bookstodon We use this every time we get stuck at a door.

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    @auscandoc @TheSaanichDaily @franciscawrites @bookstodon My son is technically gifted and was in a gifted program in high school (he did grades 8, 9 and 10 in 2 years). His father and I used to regularly laugh about this cartoon and make comments at relevant times, especially when our son needed a paradigm shift, lol.


    @TheSaanichDaily @franciscawrites @bookstodon For some reason my parents gave me a coffee cup with that one on it.

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    @eriquita @TheSaanichDaily @bookstodon
    Passive-aggressive or funny parents? Let your child decide which one is you!

    franciscawrites, avatar

    @TheSaanichDaily @bookstodon
    It's tragically funny because it's true...

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    @TheSaanichDaily @franciscawrites @bookstodon is that Donnie as a lad?


    @franciscawrites @TheSaanichDaily @bookstodon That’s my all-time favourite 😂😂😂


    This one. Not only is it funny, paleontologists have adopted 'Thagomizer' as a term:

    johan_m_o, (edited )

    @franciscawrites @bookstodon
    I saw that both "Cow tools" and "not exactly rocket scientists" have been posted already, two of my absolute favourites (but there are sooo many to choose from).

    Here's another favourite.

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    @johan_m_o @bookstodon
    Finally I understand how chihuahuas manage to keep their energy up all day 😂

    Pineywoozle, avatar

    @franciscawrites @johan_m_o @bookstodon My grandmother actually used to give her Chihuahua a tiny bit of coffee every morning…It went about as you’d expect. 🤣🤣🤣

    franciscawrites, avatar

    @Pineywoozle @johan_m_o @bookstodon
    oh, no!
    Also, coffee is toxic for dogs. That chihuahua was living hyper stimulated and just a tiny bit toxic life.

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    @franciscawrites @johan_m_o @bookstodon That’s not remarkably different from most Chihuahuas I have met lol

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    @Tattooed_mummy @bookstodon
    That cow, for all that is great, that cow!

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    @crashglasshouses @franciscawrites @bookstodon not to nitpick, but I'm pretty sure it's cannon that they had legs at first and lost them as a curse for being Satan... Now I'm just imagining this panel but he's doing it angrily

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    @franciscawrites @bookstodon
    Thanks for the invite!

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    @RuthODay @bookstodon
    Oh, I love it!

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    @franciscawrites @bookstodon
    Going to the well again:

    franciscawrites, avatar

    @jobsboils @bookstodon
    Somehow, I can't feel sorry for Bob and Jim.

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    @franciscawrites @bookstodon

    This is one of my favourites
    Like all Larsen's the hook is subtle and rewards the attentive

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    @franciscawrites @bookstodon

    for instance this 😁

    reminds me of a late camping trip too 😁

    franciscawrites, avatar

    @outi @bookstodon
    I don' know if I feel frustrated on account of polar bear no. 1 or if a feel relieved on account of human running away. What I know is that this one made me chuckle

    outi, avatar

    @franciscawrites @bookstodon


    i probably feel most sympathetic for Carl. we all fail. even big scary predators are a bit fluffy and awkward sometimes 😁

    hassmeister, avatar

    @outi @franciscawrites @bookstodon Ich und Eisbären hassen den Menschen, weil er den Planeten vernichtet.

    blag, avatar

    It has to be this one. I remember offhandedly reading it whilst flicking through one of his books in a store one day and I had to leave, embarrassed because I couldn't stop laughing, lol.
    @franciscawrites @bookstodon

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    @golgaloth 😆 😬

    Tattooed_mummy, avatar


    golgaloth, avatar

    @Tattooed_mummy @franciscawrites I'm told giggling fits and high-speed drills are an excellent combination.


    @franciscawrites @bookstodon

    Even better, visit the official Far Side website

    digigeek, avatar

    @franciscawrites @bookstodon One of my favourites from the Far Side.

    ceemage, avatar

    @franciscawrites @bookstodon I still love the Chicken Soup joke, a.k.a. "It's no-one we know."

    franciscawrites, avatar

    @elkepattyn @bookstodon
    Oh, my, this is hilarious 😂


    @franciscawrites @bookstodon

    Did @Katrien
    see this? 😬😳

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    @franciscawrites @bookstodon
    Have you seen the films? The first one is best, you can find some of them on You Tube but neither in their entirety. They're very good!

    franciscawrites, avatar

    @Sarahw @bookstodon
    No, I haven't. Now, I need to look for them and binge watch them.

    smallcircles, avatar

    @franciscawrites @bookstodon
    One of the first I ever saw. Always amazed at his ability to imply entire worlds from a single panel.

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