Throw one of those bottom-corner “How can I help?” pop ups that makes the tab flash and constantly change the text in there too.


And “Install our app!”. And those glorious auto-play videos blocking your entire view.


You get bonus points if the auto-play video scrolls with you in the bottom right corner.


And hitting the close button doesn’t stop the video, it just disconnects it from the window so it can return somewhere on the page.


And don’t forget: The close button has to be -1px in size. God forbid you could close that obnoxious, epileptic video without opening the developer console.


oh boy we’re getting so much engagement with our video player! People must love it to click it so much!

@Holyhandgrenade@lemmy.world avatar

This is what happens when you base all your business decisions on algorithms, not human feedback


Even more points if, after closing the video, the video pops back up every time you scroll even a single millimeter back up the page.


Allow me to introduce you to Kill Sticky


Thank you.


Without the autoplaying and scrolling video that uses 1/2 of my screen, how will I ever focus on reading the page?


Those make me irrationally angry.


I think it’s pretty rational; if it was a person being that obnoxious they would be missing teeth from the number of times they got punched in the face.


With a fake notification dot

@frippa@lemmy.ml avatar

And a poorly-made chatbot answering (with slow loading times!) bonus points if you can’t even get to talk to a human after 20 messages of “that’s not what I wanted” and “let me talk with a bone-and-flesh humanoid”


Netbrain has one that makes a sound. Annoying when you tuck their page in a tab. No site should throw sound out like that.

@Resol@lemmy.world avatar

“VPN detected. Turn it off to access this site.

This site is not available in your country.”

How to catch the mads:


This site is better in The App! Download now?

The App:

A Chrome component, coupled to a straw to slurp all your data a browser cannot reach, and notifications coming out of your arse at 2am because they cannot fathom the idea of other countries existing.


Timezones!? Preposterous!


Sounds like socialism to me.


I get why soulless corporations do this, but why do regular folks choose to publish their content on Medium, Substack, Devto, etc. when this is the shitty UX they’ll be forcing on their readers.


Because regular folks can’t or won’t host their own website


There are options outside the ones with heavy marketing departments to host writing. There was a time when hosting your own website was easy/normal. It still is easy (tho requirements like TLS certificates & fail2ban have raised some barrier to entry) & there are tools that automate the process now more than then, but there is an intimidation factor that really needs to be knocked down. The only other barrier has been folks living in places where symmetric internet isn’t the norm & you are expected to be a consumer & not a producer (this also needs to be fixed since it doesn’t cost more to send bits in the other direction).



I mean, things which worked 20 years ago still work today. You can literally export to HTML from MS Word, am I wrong? Just save the document in HTML and put a link to it from the main page, which you can literally save from MS Word as well.

There are free hostings allowing to create boards phpBB style. One can use them for “comments”.

Doesn’t look cute and modern and blonde-inductive? Well, there’s a logical exclusive OR between blonde-inductive and functional.


I think it’s the same reason YouTube can keep shooting itself in the foot and still thrive: it’s where all the eyeballs are concentrated now.

I agree, I’m a “Have your own blog / homepage” proponent myself…

…but I got as far as a domain and have paid (cheap) hosting for a few years…then installing Wordpress and dang is it way clunkier to set up than I ever imagined. 🙃

@Damaskox@lemmy.world avatar

I think it’s the same reason YouTube can keep shooting itself in the foot and still thrive: it’s where all the eyeballs are concentrated now.

Yeah…it is difficult to jump ships and try out another service - even when the other service is generally a better option than the previous one - if you don’t get an audience big enough to even bother starting with the otherwise better service.


I think YouTube is an interesting & dare-I-say necessary evil at this point tho. Hosting video is prohibitively expensive with all the codecs & bitrates + global distribution. Folks watch YouTube when bored or lonely & scaling that from a home network would put most creators out of business … especially if trying to compete.

…But plaintext? Even with images (reencoded with a few improved codecs like JPEG XL in a ``) is cheap. Especially if you have access to the router & a static IP or dynamic DNS, it can be hosted at home & unless you are insanely popular won’t even put a noticeable dent in one’s bandwidth.


A friend of mine uses medium, do you perhaps know a good alternative?


Self-host a static build system (Soupault is my preferred tool for this). If no to self-hosting, static hosting can be found cheap or ‘free’ in many spaces.

If building static files is too complicated, or more social features are desired WriteFreely & Plume operate on the fediverse (like Lemmy) or something like Movim (XMPP powered) can host anything from blogs video conferencing with other social features. I hear some folks like Bear, but I have no experience with it. They all have the advantage of being self-hostable too (but be warned, all of these listed source code is being hosted on the proprietary Microsoft GitHub which will require an account & agreeing to their ToS to interact with & any source code contributions will be fed through Microsoft GitHub’s Copilot AI models to be sold back at developers).


WordPress remains the easy, flexible way of hosting a blog. You can self-host, or there are multiple cloud hosted services.


There’s blogger. And wordpress.com also has a free teir that has up to 1gb of storage.


Oh man, Medium sucks so much.



Speaking of technical stuff… same criticism go towards Microsoft GitHub. Unnecessary social features, search doesn’t work if you’re not authenticated, can’t participate without an account, stuffed with upsells (with the latest being an ad for Microsoft GitHub copilot inside the code view), where the Copilot product is sold back to the users who worked (often for free) to create the code to train it, pushes to use Sponsors so Microsoft can take their cut of donations, custom proprietary Markdown fork that isn’t compatible with other platforms …and to top it off, the pull request model straight-up doesn’t scale for a lot of projects but it’s the only option unless the maintainers consciously decide to host another tool or mailing list outside the Microsoft GitHub forge which defeats the point of even using the code forge product.


Very interesting: I didn’t know all this about GitHub ! Could you please share some refs about the pull request model not scaling up ?


I don’t have any off-hand. But anecdotally I know systems like Gerrit & mailing lists are used for very large and/or very rapid work flows. Nixpkgs has a lot of issues with thousands of open requests, not many reviewers, no way to understand the prioritization, required reviews even if you are the sole maintainer of a small package (so no other user to check the work), separate folks that do merging that are inundated with approved-but-unmerged changes who also… don’t know what to prioritize. This process alone can take weeks (I just now got a merge from 2023-09-29 just merged in) & that was only after having begged twice on the Matrix chat for someone to dedicate the time to do it. Traditionally bigger and/or distributed systems are used to help alleviate or add hierarchy to try to get pushes thru faster.

Another issue pops up with just the review process. You may have seen your favorite $PROG_X just released a new version. You have bumped the version + hash, & submitted a new request. The maintainer tells you all these little nits or stuff about how this package now breaks $PROG_Y & tells you to fix it… like it’s your problem when they are the maintainer. If I were to receive this as an email patch, I would just modify the patchset for you, reply with “Thanks. I made some small adjustments to fit match my style.” or whatever keeping the credit on them. You can amend a users repository iff they allow maintainer access, but adding new remotes is more cumbersome & it’s almost never done as we’ve decided now that the onus should be on contributors rather than helping them ship their changes faster.

@fossilesque@mander.xyz avatar
@shath@hexbear.net avatar

firefox version 🥺

@fossilesque@mander.xyz avatar

I believe there is one. ;)

Edit: addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/…/behind_the_overlay/

@shath@hexbear.net avatar
fossilesque, (edited )
@fossilesque@mander.xyz avatar
@GarfieldYaoi@hexbear.net avatar

Unironically the best thing about Hexbear is that it doesn’t blast you with pop-ups nagging you to make an account. Even Google on my phone will nag me to make an account when I pull up the webpage like I always have for almost two decades.



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  • Masimatutu,

    Isn’t that kind of… the entire point?


    That applies to much of the Fediverse. It’s great to see a growing chunk of the web that’s genuinely free.

    Also, consider switching search engine, you don’t want to be fueling an evil megacorporation and letting it know all about you, plus DuckDuckGo is probably even better nowadays.

    GarfieldYaoi, (edited )
    @GarfieldYaoi@hexbear.net avatar

    Duly noted, but I’ve also heard a bit about ecosia. Is that any good?

    EDIT: Pulled up the wikipedia page and was delightfully treated to this " the ads served on DuckDuckGo are based on keywords and terms of the search query."

    How ‘targeted ads’ should be. “Hey, I see you’re looking for an item, here are some companies to consider for said item.”


    It’s cool and all because you can passively plant trees, but really it doesn’t make much of a difference for the environment and you pay for it with your privacy. There are many better ways to help the climate, so I say nah.


    Was raised in an age where where you needed firewalls, antiviruses, spam blocks and ad blocks, Ect to surf the web safety.

    Now companies are doing everything they can to make sure you disable all it to have the privilege of using their website.


    Also “don’t give personal information like your real name to strangers over the Internet.” Lol


    Yeah, they don’t want all your information twice. That would be redundant.


    Antiviruses were mostly for a false sense of security. They only stop the most basic attacks.

    @Arcity@feddit.nl avatar

    And they are bloatware if not malware


    Anytime a website forces me to turn off my adblock, I leave it and block it so it doesn’t show up again. If you force such predatory tactics, I am not interested in your website, and I’d rather look for another one.


    Block where?


    Most browsers have a block functionality by default


    I still get some of them, even with multiple anti-annoyance lists.

    Anyone has a 99% working setup for mixed german/english, IT-centric usage?


    People living in EU. You guys are lucky. These cookie banners and stuff behave differently there because EU forces the reject all button

    @heftig@beehaw.org avatar

    That doesn’t seem to be true. A lot of German publishers do not allow you to proceed without giving consent to cookies and profiling for targeted advertising. They consider this legal because they offer you the alternative of “opting out” by signing up for a paid subscription.


    Consent-o-matic addon for browser helps a lot to auto-reject cookies. Do recommend!


    Ah, I didn’t know this one. Will definitely check. Thanks a lot!

    @WIIHAPPYFEW@hexbear.net avatar
    @frippa@lemmy.ml avatar

    The EU does force the reject all button, however companies and websites often don’t care about the law; some newspaper in my country straight up ask for a subscription to let you have the privilege of disabling cookies on their ad-ridden dying websites, and many more don’t have a “reject all” button.

    I try to report some of them but who knows if it does something.

    Plus from personal experience; when you setup a GDPR button through Google, by default there is no “reject all” button. Or the equally mandatory “x” to close the popup, thus rejecting cookies. You need to tick a box to enable them.


    How do you report them?

    @frippa@lemmy.ml avatar

    I report them locally to the Privacy Guarantor(Italy) but I believe this is the EU’s page on the topic: edps.europa.eu/data-protection/…/complaints_en


    The EU does definitely not have an easy reject all button…it’s always a minefield to work out how to disable them. Most take over 30-60 seconds to find out how to disable everything


    This can help on a lot of websites: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/…/consent-o-matic/


    Not in my experience. The reject all button is usually hidden behind the review your choices button. It’s fucking bullshit. Accept all is always visible tho.

    If I block cookie banners, does that mean I reject cookies because I didn’t consent? Because if that’s the case, I’m gonna just start blocking them.


    Every other website i visit has a different tactic of hiding their reject button.

    They will even give a second pop up leaving you unable to use the website in hopes of you clicking accept anyway.

    @showmustgo@hexbear.net avatar

    Yep, unfortunately if the reject all button is too annoying to find I just close the tab.


    CrowAirbrush, (edited )

    I tend to do the same, also for those websites that come with a secondary pop up.

    Makes me feel like they really don’t give a fuck, so why should i then and it’s easy to click back and try the next website in the rows of results.

    The weirdest one i found was a couple days ago and i kinda give them props for it, as it made me go: “woooow almost had me.”

    They had this whole standard wall of text with reasons to get you to accept and i didn’t see thr reject all button. It was a fairly lenghty wall too so i started scanning it for recognizeable words until my eyes passed: “reject” in the text. It was regular looking text but clickable.

    @jojo@beehaw.org avatar


    Install once, go to a website, wait a few seconds, ans it rejects all those 1273 “partners” for you, together with clicking every hidden “reject” button, so you don’t have to


    More patience than me. I don’t make it past Frame 2 unless I can keep scrolling, or there’s a ‘Reject All’ button. If anything else pops up, too many ads in the scroll, or paragraph three still says fuck all, I’m out


    I always just reject cookies but if they start whining about adblock I’m out (apparently even when it’s YouTube)


    I was trying to read an article the other day and they had a reject all cookies button. When this is an option I always use it but this one redirected me to a page that told me they won’t let me view their articles if I don’t let them track me. It went on to talk about some bullshit sob story about how it’s the only way they can be profitable and that they pinky promise to be responsible with the data collected.


    lmao it’s funny how pathetic they will get


    Healthline (or one of their sites with a different name)?


    Haha, spot on. I guess you’ve encountered this too?


    Yep. I don’t even think it’s legal. I’m an EU citizen and with the GDPR I should be able to browse the damn thing without cookies…


    I would make it till frame 3 then bail, I’m not about to turn the blocker off


    Reminds me of youtu.be/n9bx5a3PMks

    @GustavoM@lemmy.world avatar

    In 204x will be like

    > visit site

    > Popup: “We’d like to introduce you to our own Terms of Service.”

    > Popup: "And also these random terms regarding global rights

    > Popup: “And minorities”

    > Popup: “And countries who need YOUR help!”

    > Popup: “No really, we really mean it.”

    > Popup: “And also regarding telemetry”

    > Popup: “And on how we will fetch private/sensitive about you without your concern.”

    > Popup: “Also some things we’ve got from third parties about you”

    > Popup: “Oh yeah! Would you like to buy these random stuff we think its fitting for YOU?”



    By that time the websites will use LLMs to weave all that shit into the articles you read. Perfecting the method of ever so slowly conditioning you after the vision of some coked up marketing exec marketing algorithm’s personalised hellhole, based on your very private and personal desires.
    The average user will read about yet another school shooting and leave the article wishing for a delicious and refreshing coke to wash down the bad taste in their mouth, like only real coca cola can, which is now improved in flavour and available in a refrigeration section near your habitat. Because when the world let’s you down, coca cola will pick you up!


    js was a mistake


    All praise Firefox reader view!


    😂 as soon as I see any pop up on an article i’m reading I smash the reader view button… for other sites I have an addon to reload the page without JS

    @veganpizza69@lemmy.world avatar

    You can also reload the page in the Reader view, which bypasses those initial weak walls.


    You should be browsing with an allowlist. Keep the JS off by default.

    @veganpizza69@lemmy.world avatar

    Instant podcast


    It’s working less and less though. You can’t do this on websites like Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg because the article doesn’t actually load more than the first paragraph without being subscribed.

    @rip_art_bell@lemmy.world avatar

    That’s why i first do archive.md then then readerview hehe



    You can use an add-on like this that will set your browser’s user agent to look like a bot. They allow Google to read websites for indexing, but not you humble user.


    allow thisshittywebsite.com to see your location?

    Nice try, Jareth

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