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BaldProphet, in Question about video resolution: Why do my 1080p encoded videos show up correctly but my 2160p encoded videos show up so much darker.
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Are you comparing the 1080p and 2160p video on the same screen? Are you using any enhancements such as HDR?

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HDR is off (because it dims the video produced and washes it out), both the 1080p and 2160p in these examples are taken from the same machine on the same screen, and as stated if we can see the difference in brightness in a screenshot that about takes the screen being the issue out of the equation)

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Ah, sorry, it wasn't clear that you were doing the same thing on the same screen. Have you tried testing it with a different media player?

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Sure, I've used VLC and Windows Movies and TV as the two main players, WMT simply delivers better quality video than any other video player for Windows anywhere, it's jut the 2160p are darkened to the point of being unwatchable, it's most likely a video card processing thing, but this whole HDR thing has got me so confused and I'm a tech guy. I was on vacation and hooked my mini pc up to the HD TV that was there in the place, and the video from a 1080p file that just showed fine on my home HD TV was showing like it was on a showroom floor, crytal clear with ultra spacial definition, I looked up the TV on Amazon and it's not much different than the one I have at home. I just can't figure this HD thing out, wish I could understand it, and more importantly reproduce it at will. The experience with the mini PC with a build in UHD Intel chip (same as I should have on this new motherboard at home) producing such crisp excellent video, which of course I could not reproduce playing the same clip from the same mini pc on my home tv, has got me posting on KBIN.

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Yeah, I can see how this would be frustrating. The only things I can think of are that HDR is doing this (it has been known to cause similar issues) or there's something up with your Intel chip.

jesterraiin, in Recover IDE 40-pin drive with modern computers
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I have one of these from Sabrent and I can confirm it works like a charm. Unless the drive itself is failing, which could be an issue with such an old piece of hardware.

BaldProphet, in Can USB cords fail only at higher speeds / saturation? (Troubleshooting .rar errors on HDD enclosure)
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Do you have problems transferring other large files, such as archives in different formats or large video files?

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