Can USB cords fail only at higher speeds / saturation? (Troubleshooting .rar errors on HDD enclosure)

Windows 10 on a HP Desktop PC Pavilion P7-1003W (QN574AAR#ABA) Athlon II X4 650 (3.2GHz) 8GB DDR3 (2 x 4 GB)

I have a four-bay USB hard drive enclosure which has only had one hard drive in it. This works in concert with 2 internal HDD (I use cubesoft's Drive Pool to ensure duplicated copies exist of all files within a JBOD). Then about 2 weeks ago I added a new hard drive to it to bring the total up to two. Everything worked fine until the last 5 days when I noticed unzipping. rar files over 1 gigabyte gave a "corrupted rar" error.

The immediate suspect is the new hard drive I added to the enclosure. My hypothesis was strengthened by the fact that the errors went away when I removed the drive from the drive pool. However, when I run the same file operations with the new drive as a standalone disc inside the enclosure, it works no problem.

With the second drive in the enclosure, it is probably writing to both discs simultaneously and I wonder if doubling the amount of traffic on the USB cord could cause trouble if the cord is bad, even though it doesn't cause problems when using one drive at a time?

I'm also going to try the drive in a different slot in the enclosure, however I need to wait a few hours for the HDD diagnostics I'm running to finish. I'll also run a memtest, although given I can remove the problem by removing the drive makes me wonder about the issue being with the USB / HDD enclosure systems or possibly the drive.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Do you have problems transferring other large files, such as archives in different formats or large video files?

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