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I'm looking for some employment opportunity, forming/joining a new cooperative

I'm mainly looking for some software development type of job (preferably withing the game industry), but anything else would be fine as long as I get to make above minimum wage, as I'm currently below it, thanks to Hungary's half-assed "public employment" program (they hire people for government institutes for half the minimum...

Activating the unrealised potential of care networks [Equal Care Coop blog] (

"The word “commons”, refers to a community-run and owned resource. What we saw during the Pandemic was the role a care commons could play in sustaining individual and community well-being in a crisis. Social Care is in crisis, and just like the Pandemic, this crisis impacts us all. Since conventional home care services have...

US credit union apexes Cuna and Nafcu announce merger intent - Co-operative News (

“The two main credit union associations in the USA, the Credit Union National Association (Cuna) and the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (Nafcu), have announced their intent to merge…In May the board of directors and executive committees of both organisations voted unanimously to merge, but the move...

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