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'There is no evidence that mRNA Covid vaccines cause fatal cardiac arrest or other deadly heart problems in teens and young adults, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report published Thursday shows.

Ever since the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna were authorized in late 2020, anti-vaccination groups in the U.S. have blamed the shots for fatal heart problems in young athletes.'

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'Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new vaccine that offers broad protection against not only SARS-CoV-2 variants, but also other bat sarbecoviruses. The groundbreaking trivalent vaccine has shown complete protection with no trace of virus in the lungs, marking a significant step toward a universal vaccine for coronaviruses.'

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@researchbuzz @crypticinquiry

Expect it to be denounced as a left wing plot to control everyone 😤

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Kommentar zu Corona: Kinder und Jugendliche um Verzeihung bitten

Bundesweit wird eine Enquete-Kommission gefordert, um aufzuarbeiten, welche Schlüsse aus der Corona-Krise gezogen werden müssen. Besonders mit Blick auf die Kinder und Jugendlichen ist das bitter nötig, meint Nina Amin.


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@tagesschau Wenn es darum geht, sie um Verzeihung zu bitten,

  • dass es kein Konzept für Fernbetreung gab,
  • dass es für sie keine Luftfilter gab,
  • dass sie in den Klassenräumen frieren mussten,
  • dass die Schulen weder warmes Wasser noch Handtücher hatten,
  • dass sie während der Pausen im Hof frieren mussten,
  • dass sie bei Impfungen zuletzt dran kamen,
  • dass ihnen gesagt wurde, ihr Tod sei verschmerzbar (es stürben ja nur wenige):
    Ja, sollte man. Dringend.
    Nur ist das nicht gemeint, oder?
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Wie wäre es mit tatkräftiger Hilfe in der Form von besserer Ausstattung der Schulen mit Sozialarbeit und Schulpsychologie? Und generell mehr Kassensitze in der Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie?
Das war schon vor der Pandemie ein Problem, und die Pandemie hat es nicht besser gemacht.

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crowd: I’m sure I saw some discussion of techniques for stapling excess material together under chin to improve fit on small faces …

But I can’t find it now and I don’t want to just start stapling willy-nilly!

Has anyone done this or did I imagine it? 😷❤️


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This is what I remembered seeing:

Edit to add: remember to staple so the two pointy bits of the staple are on the outside of the mask. Otherwise you're going to have them scratching your chin area. I've done this type of stapling on the Dräger X-plore 1920 but stopped buying those because I had other stuff that fit me better and wasn't quite as expensive.

screengrab of a tweet by @yesallcrops from Feb 13, 2023. They wrote "I've mentioned that I have to staple all my masks tighter to fit my face shape. If I don't do this, I can feel air rushing out through the chin portion. Here's how I do that! (Try pinching the extra fabric under your chin while the mask is on to know where to staple)" There is a video of a person dressed in a black top with a V-neck. The hold a respirator in their hands. Then they pinch a bit of material in the middle of the chin area and use a small stapler to staple that pleat into place.

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I am also going to share this video of how to do a DIY fit-test. Not because you have to do one, but because if you are able to confirm that the mask you've chosen works for you, then that is an added layer of confidence in your respirator. (It also enables you to help others test their masks / respirators)

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Latest comic: What did we learn from Covid?

#covid #COVID19 #coronavirus #cartoon #health #healthcare #pandemic #comic

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I like this latest comic from @jensorensen (I like her work so much I support her on Patreon)

We need to talk about & . As this comic points out, many people got the wrong message from the pandemic & this wasn't an accident. There was an organized effort to spread disinformation. It was profitable for individuals & social media companies.
Health on needs to be fixed, because it's killing people.

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"Oof, it's so painful!"

"Do you mean pain from Long Covid symptoms? Or painful grief from losing family and friends to Covid?"

"No, I mean attacks from folks who say I'm contributing to disability and death by doing nothing to stop the spread of Covid!"

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Florida surgeon general defies science amid measles outbreak

As a Florida elementary school tries to contain a growing outbreak, the state’s top health official is giving advice that runs counter to science and may leave children at risk of contracting one of the most contagious pathogens on Earth, clinicians and public health experts said.

Florida surgeon general Joseph A. failed to urge parents to vaccinate their children or keep unvaccinated students home from school as a precaution in a letter to parents at the Fort Lauderdale-area school this week following six confirmed measles cases.

Instead of following what he acknowledged was the “normal” recommendation that parents keep unvaccinated children home for up to 21 days — the incubation period for measles — Ladapo said the state health department “is deferring to parents or guardians to make decisions about school attendance.”

The controversial move by Ladapo follows a pattern of bucking public health norms, particularly when it comes to vaccines. Last month, he called for halting the use of vaccines, in a move decried by the public health community.

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@cdarwin If you want to use my gift link, feel free to update:

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Tax records reveal the lucrative world of #covid misinformation [#disinformation]

4 major nonprofits that rose to prominence during the #coronavirus pandemic by capitalizing on the spread of #medical #misinformation collectively gained >$118M between 2020 & 2022, enabling the orgs to deepen their #influence in statehouses, courtrooms & communities across the country, a Washington Post analysis of tax records shows.

#Scammers #PublicHealth #law #Racketeering

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@Nonilex where there is misery some bar steward will find a way ro profit.

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@Nonilex there will be the ambulance chasers getting a second bite at the cherry as deaths and disablement occur.

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#Trump #Putin #Maga #CoronaVirus #KKK #Poop #Abortion #RWNJ
Jouquette #cartoon

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"The PCR test detected SARS-CoV-2 in the man’s semen 81 days after he first had severe Covid-19. He also had a very, very low sperm count with a sperm concentration of less than a million per milliliter. Plus, the sperm that were detected in his semen were not really moving around. So in a nutshell, the virus was still affecting his testicles at least 11 weeks after he was first infected with the -19 ."

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16WW Coronalog - Timeline - A corona diary from EOU HQ, London UK, 2020 to 2023 -

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Massive wave of COVID infections throughout Europe

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Let me see if I have this right. For all my life, a (common cold) can't be prevented - you just have to catch them all and then you are immune from them. Your immune system can't help you. It is a virus and you can't be vaccinated against them.

But, for a , if you catch one, you prevent future ones because your immune system reacts. And, you can be vaccinated against this type of virus.

And public health is saying this so little experience with Corona Viruses.

Did I get this right? Sure, these are different viruses, but they behave in completely opposite ways?

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@human3500 its a thought.. I guess I just assumed that like influenza these « common » viruses just mutate and diverge so fast we can’t keep up with vaccines. Maybe there’s a future where we can create them faster (like in days) and hyper local so you could stop them quickly.

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@human3500 And actually the first one is NOT true, as it turns out. Lots of the viruses we saw as being "just a cold" or "just chicken pox" now are actually known to cause more insidious things as well. Chicken pox leads to lifelong risk for shingles. Mono caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus can cause a whole host of secondary chronic issues including fucking cancer. There are tons of them and we're learning more and more all the time.

There's a list here:

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