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[The Sunlit Man/SP4 full/Cosmere] I'm certain I know.

Canticle is a dragon or other powerful being’s egg. The entire planet is an evenly rotating massive investiture sink. I can easily seeing that being a major part of the development of a dragon, both heating and sustaining the embryo. The hostility of the planet is also likely in part a defense mechanism.

[All Cosmere] Can Feruchemists use other Investiture?

Let’s assume a Feruchemist has access to some other form of Investiture, maybe with a Perpendicularity, liquid Dor, becoming a Radiant, getting Breaths, or maybe even tapping Connection to become Elantrian or something. We’ve seen from TLM that Allomancers can use Investiture from a Perpendicularity instead of metals, so can...

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