I love his observation on how popular (most) maps are designed to favor rifles. It’s obvious if you think about it but I never did think about it before and just assumed that m4 and AKs are just better


IMO it’s the other way round, that the rifles are better and so the maps were built for them. But like he suggests I think it’s a good idea to try different things, I’m a big MP7 gamer so I’d love to be proven wrong abt the rifles


also some interesting thoughts on how new maps might be added to counter strike in future, I hope a system like that gets implemented.

osiris avatar

It absolutely will, now with CS2 around the corner, we will have alot of new maps and content. The tools for S2 are really well maintained, which allows everyone to produce more content in general. You can see evidence for that, by the latest updates, how fast they are rolled out with only a couple of fixes. The most recent one is a couple of changes to Overpass, in only 2 days.


I’m not sure the number of available maps is the issue here tbh. We’ve had so many really good maps go through the game via operations (I miss climb and engage), but the only relatively recent map that remained in the game was anubis, and even that was after being removed from the game for years.

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