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PineTime - a $27 smartwatch that runs open source firmware and software that's easy to flash and easy to modify and tinker with (

This is the smartwatch I own. True netrunners know that the tech we wear on (or under) our skin is a prime entry vector for ever hungry megacorps to bleed the pulsing data from our digital veins, so having a wearable I have full control over is of paramount importance. I can flash it with new firmware whenever I want, the...

Discuss: postcyberpunk and cyberpunk — which is more relevant today? (

Lawrence Person positions postcyberpunk as the natural and perhaps even rightful successor to cyberpunk, the thing that not only is replacing it, but deserves to replace it and should be celebrated in doing so, primarily because it is more mature in some sense — more calm and staid and optimistic, less alienated and angry and...

[CROSS POST] Hardwired, imo, is probably the most CYBER+PUNK cyberpunk novel I've read yet, superseding Neuromancer. Highly recommended. (

It's the same as the city, Sarah knows, the same hierarchy of power, beginning with the blocs in the orbits and ending with people who might as well be the fieldmice in front of the blades of the harvester, pointless, countless lives in the path of a structure that can't be stopped. She feels the anger coiling around her like...

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