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For anyone looking for a stable and easy to use #DE (Desktop Environment) that just works: #Xfce

Give it a try! 😎

The #Xfce project and all it's dev's and maintainers do a great job at producing a working desktop that is a breeze to use. :xfce:


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I would say XFCE and MATE - the Caja (From MATE) is just so much better for my preferences - but I also use Thunar (from XFCE) for its 'bulk rename' feature :)

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Mate is good as well. Used it before briefly.
Caja is a great filemanager!
The bulk rename option in Thunar sure is cool 🙂

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@jhx Xfce is nice, and lightweight... what should I say... it doesn't have noticeable bugs like KDE and GNOME has. I never really faced any bugs while using Xfce. My first experience with KDE was really really bad. and then I knew that GNOME is significantly heavyweight, so I didn't even try it. I found LXDE, (and LXQT) and they're nice too (I like LXDE more than LXQT), but not customizable... and so I found Xfce

It's good for almost any desktop workflow, hopefully, and even better as it has some niche classic vibe.

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The recent versions of #KDE are quite good - used it on #Debian a while ago for some time.
#Gnome is alright for me.

#Xfce is by far, for me, the gold standart. It just works.

Indeed, it fits any role quite nice. To be frank, I drive the default look since it fits the bill for me - no theming at all.
I'm more focused on the things I do with it than how it looks.

The functionality is top. And as you said, the stability of #Xfce is amazing!

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@jhx Yup! For KDE ... I think they've improved significantly since I tried it last, but my taste for KDE is kinda meh. It's good, but it's also not... just doesn't fit so right. GNOME by default is okay, but I just felt it not okay at the same time...

for me... xfce lxde, openbox/fvwm{1,2,3}...
something in order :)

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They both have there pro's and con's - I like both for example.

Indeed, Xfce it is here as well 😉

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It's good, but sadly not Wayland ready just yet.

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Not yes, but there is work going on on that.

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@jhx I have been using it for years, and it is so simple and stable and reliable that I honestly forget it exists most of the time.

I do like other desktop environments. I would like to give Cinnamon, and even Gnome and KDE Plasma a try, even if just temporarily. But then whenever I think I might finally switch, I think, "well, why should I?" And there is really no reason to, because all of my desktop environment needs are 100% satisfied, so I don't.

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@ramin_hal9001 @jhx

When I did use Linux/BSD as my main OS I used XFCE for years!

It was small and simple enough to stay out of the way - but not so small that it didn't provide useful things like a file system browser, application shortcuts, load monitor and sound volume widgets...

I loved it!

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@rzeta0 @ramin_hal9001
I rock it all day / every day 😎
It gets out of my way and does what it is supposed to do 😉

Love it as well :xfce:

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I like others as well to 😉
Xfce for me is best - it does it's job so well I can't really live withouth it 😂
Always happy when coming home to my #Debian #Xfce workstation 😀

Not switching anymore, Xfce is the way for me. Feel you there a 100%

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@jhx @ramin_hal9001 Same. I have tried other desktops, but the only one I feel at home on is Xfce. I think it manages to be minimalist enough, without going too far.

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@plwt @ramin_hal9001
Yes, same for me 😉

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@plwt @jhx @ramin_hal9001 Same here, though I must admit I do like gnome (on Debian stable) as well. Using both now regularly.

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@rcr @plwt @ramin_hal9001
Gnome is mighty fine as well 😉

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