[UK] Join DPAC & allies and tell the government that they can Stick their fucking duty up their arse!

Laura Trott’s recent comments about the conservative party’s latest welfare plans have are just downright bloody insulting.

Telling disabled people they have a “duty as citizens” to work, after what they have put us through in the last 13 years is an insult to everyone of us who have survived since they came to power.

Trott was happy to dismiss our valid fears about the Government’s latest attack and the harm it will cause.

Where was the conservative partys sense of duty when they imposed austerity-cuts to vital public services including:

Social Care


Local Councils

The Independent Living Fund

Disability Benefits

Disabled Students Grant

The Access to Work Fund

And many many other vital services?

And at the same time cut benefit level and introduced the Bedroom Tax, capped benefit payments and brought in the two child limit

All of which created isolation and destitution for the lucky – and cold dark graves for too many unlucky victims of Tory cruelty.

Where was their sense of duty when millions were living in fear of the dreaded brown envelope coming through the door because of the Work Capability Assessment and the dehumanising, degrading process that meant for them?

Where was their sense of duty when they left 100s of 1000s of disabled people to die during Covid, while they stepped over the corpses on their way to their parties?

There was no sense of duty, only self interest and greed.

Well, don’t tell us what our duty is – when you so flagrantly failed in yours.

We didn’t go to the country and ask for their vote, their trust and then let everyone down.

It was your duty to respect and empower us as equal citizens with a stake in our society.

Not to take every opportunity to attack, demean and other us.

You failed in that duty.

Don’t dare to tell us what ours is.

You can stick your fucking duty up your arse.

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