Cmot_Dibbler, avatar

Sick. That’s how i got mine. $50 at Goodwill $30 for a gasket and new grease. Still works great years later.


I told a friend to keep an eye out for these at thrift shops but they claimed none would accept broken appliances, hah! I’d love to find a bunch and fix up. It’s fun.

BeezKnuts, avatar

Hell yeah man! We need more documentation type posts which people can look up later.


Love this kind of project. Do you have more photos? Or still a WIP?


Parts are on the way now, I can take some of the assembly. I mostly just have photos of it apart so I can remember which order they go back together haha


Here’s a photo of all the gears after I cleaned them (don’t leave them wet like I did in this photo - they will eventually rust. I later sprayed them all with AMSOIL MP which is like WD-40).

You can see the worm follower gear is worn out BAD. The symptoms of this machine were that it would studder/skip when encountering load.

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