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BLAST, renowned for top-tier CS:GO events, expands into Dota 2!
First major event in Nov 2024, with 4 more planned for 2025.
Can they bring fresh excitement to the scene? @dota2 #dota2 #esports

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#Dota2 #AbilityDraft: Well, that’s an useful upgrade 😆

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@gamingonlinux looks cool, although the only way I'm going back to dota is if they add an ARAM mode, can't deal with the prevalent toxicity 🥲


The #Dota2 change logs keep delivering subtle sarcastic gems:

Fixed longstanding and game-breaking bug where the chance for hero melee damage block was 49% instead of 50%

Game-breaking, huh? 😏


it's the christmas dota update, everyone who smurfed got a gift box full of coal that permabans them when they get it, tons of streamers who were smurfing got the coal live.
oh fun christmas gift box, full of coal permabanned and vacban

(btw he reads "banned until 1/18?" but fails to read that the ban is until 1/18/2038)

(video source:

Mason opens his gift box in Dota 2 and gets a highly toxic lump of coal, which bans his account from playing until 18th of January 2038, due to smurfing.

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@ridge TIL: Smurfing.

Also: Haha 😂

hypolite, (edited )

This past week-end was my first time going to in Seattle, WA but from the few conversations I had with other attendees on my way home it was the most expensive and disappointing one to date since the yearly tournament started in 2001.

Oh well, I guess I had to try, and the little I saw of a city I had never been to before was nice.


@CenturyAvocado Not sure it's comparable since there's been no audience for the latest DreamLeague seasons, but I get what you're saying.

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One day hopefully I'll see trend here during The International. Out of curiousity, are you watching ?


@Gargron I hope you get your wish down the line. Amazing platform you've built even if it lacks dota, for now


@Gargron i only wathc 1-2 games

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I’m rooting for Team Spirit but I can’t help but feel bad for Gaimin Gladiators being so clearly outmatched so I hope they can win the next match.

#dota2 #ti12 #dota2ti


@Gargron yatoro and collapse are just too good


@Gargron Was hoping GG could win this one since I don’t see them coming this close in the future and Spirit already won one, but Spirit was very clearly the best team this tournament.

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This one looks a bit more evenly matched


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@CenturyAvocado at least it ended up leaning on the side of a game 4


3-0 coming up. I really wanted Quinn to take the aegis but Team Spirit are way too strong.

#dota2 #ti


@CenturyAvocado well then let's hope that you won't get to go to bed anytime soon

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That muerta shot!!!!



@darkade too bad their mid isn't used to his hero...


Seems unlikely maybe but let's go GaimingGladiators!



@spacecowboy im with you there!


The atmosphere is energized in the Climate Pledge Arena this morning as we ready up for the semi-finals at TI12


Not sure if staying up late to watch TI games is worth it anymore....most games have the same picks and bans and a lot of them are >50 mins. Not pleasant to watch.

#dota2 #dota2ti


@CenturyAvocado I found that one particularly agonizing.


@CenturyAvocado let's just say there's a lot of room between 20 and 80 mind


OG really peaked at the right time. Winning back-to-back TIs with the 2nd and 3rd highest prize pool in history.

For the past 2 years (TI 2022 and TI 2023), the prize pool has fallen precipitously. It's down to just ~$3M this year, the lowest since TI3 a decade ago.

From a financial point of view, it sucks to win it all this year and get the same prize money as a 5-6th place team from 3 years ago.


@benhur07b pro or amateur? Because pro doesn't really matter. Dota 2 revenue is 290 million per year, a drop in the bucket for steams 8 billion dollar yearly revenue. If valve decides to drop pro Dota for good (which it looks like they're planning to do), it wouldn't matter for the userbase. Only 0.005% of players are pro (or less, might have the numbers wrong here). That's nothing meaningful in the big picture. Sure there might be some outcry, but that will pass. They might keep updating the game and what not, sell some hats. But that's probably where it's going. And honestly, I don't think it matters too much.

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