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Founder of @Mastodon. Film photography, prog metal, Dota 2. Likes all things analog. avatar


AWS Infinidash advocate.

I do various tech. #Splicing #Coding #ForensicInvestigation #Networking #VoIP #RuralBroadband avatar


News + Spicy Opinions. One person mostly. Content creator of many forms. Support on Patreon: (official account) #Linux #LinuxGaming

Proper Personal on

This account will have a big mixture of content. If all you want is plain news, go to the website or use RSS. If you complain about what I post I will probably block you. avatar


#RPGLATAM • Data • RGB • Dota • Sports Climbing • Formula E • Jotrónica

› Cyberpunk was a warning, not an aspiration ‹

/Aquí no le bajamos, siempre beliqueando/

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HCI Researcher working towards his PhD @Uni Hannover in Usable Security & Privacy. Psychologist (Masters @LMU). Researching Digital Agency & Behavior, Social Engineering, Data Science, Methods. Former Infosec Consultant. Student of everything, master of nothing. avatar


Every gamer wants to be Massively Overpowered! MMORPG news and opinions from the indie team at MOP.


peace and love on planet earth avatar


I mainly posts about football, video games, memes, and cats... lots of cats...

✍️ Freelancer translator, transcriptionist, etc. for English - Indonesian language pair
:catroll: Cat lovers, cat owners :catroll:
🇨🇦 O Canada~
🎮 Video games enthusiast
🔴 Adopted Kopites
🏒 Let's go Oilers!
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🇮🇹 Hi! I'm a guy from #Italy!

🎓 I'm studying for a Master's Degree in #ComputerScience at #Unimore!

🎮 💬 🌐 I'm currently interested in how people interact and connect with each other via technology: some things I enjoy both using and studying are #Videogames, #SocialMedia, #Chats, #FreeSoftware and the #Internet!

🍕 Also, I'm addicted to #Pizza...

🔮 I like to get to know my fellow fedizens, and part of it is me asking personal questions to them; if I ask you something, I don't mean to debate your opinion, call you out for something, or sealion, I just want to understand you better!
(Feel free to not answer for any reason, though.) avatar


Gaming Content Writer and GTA Fan avatar


🇱🇹 living in 🇹🇭
Full stack developer, tech blogger, free software enthusiast, scuba diver and a general optimist.

#python #foss #tech #scuba #fedi22 avatar


Virtual Prepper and self-hoster of over-engineered projects.

European. Wears a hat almost always when outside.

PhD in machine learning.

Maintainer of the open source Android RSS reader Feeder avatar


Freelance software engineer. Ex id software, nowadays mostly Valve. Linux, Steam Deck, UE, cloud, devops and a tinge of climate activism .. avatar


I love to automate computers. And play video games. Anyone seen a 🐧 around here?
Staff DevOps Engineer, aka an computer ArchWizard.


Unity developer | game player | vibing | Dota 2

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