Linus Tech Tips drama gets even worse as a former employee (she/they) comes out with sexual assault and workplace abuse allegations

TLDR : “I was expected to do too much work” “my time at this company brought my mental health to an all time low”

“My work was called “dogshit” I was called “incompetent””

“I had been inappropriately grabbed multiple times in the office”

For those unaware of the current happenings : Steve from Gamer’s Nexus made a video exposing that a lot of LTT’s videos were full of wrong data (nonsensical 300% performance gaps between GPUs), wrong testing methodology (forgetting to remove the protective peel off of the bottom of the mouse and then complaining that the mouse feels like shit to use), straight up murdering a startup by using their product wrong, saying that it doesn’t work, and then selling their prototype on an auction without their permission (which probably resulted in their competitors buying it and copying the product) and a bunch of other stuff.

Watch it here :

Linus then made a really shitty response on the forum, including a line - “we didn’t ‘sell’ the startup’s prototype, but rather auctioned it”. You can read his response here (first half of the video) :

Some responses:

i can’t believe I used to like Linus, the fucking rat bastard

Linus Tech Tips sounds like an awful place to work.

This is the craziest thread I have ever seen, LMG is made out to be an out-of-the-box thinking, progressive and accepting company.

Reminder that LMG is also a sweatshop tier employer that don’t give a flying fuck about their employees.Reddit thread :…/madison_speaks_out_on_the_working_co…

They posted a response

Nothing about the lady’s allegations, only addressing the Gamer’s Nexus stuff

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    Well internet for ya...

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    A lot of this is confusing to me. What is MCN and NCIX? Was the plaque purchased from Linus but then withheld? Or did Linus demand the plaque from the kid after not winning it himself? If so, why would he do that when he presumably has one for his own channel? How did Linus get his fans to harass the kid?

    jesterraiin, (edited )

    Wait, wait…

    There’s the answer from Linus:…/hyfxw4x/

    I’m out of the loop and I’ve been watching LTT only a few times - how credible is the above answer?


    Man the shit LTT did gets worse every hour now, jeez


    This isn't Linus's fault. He straight up decided to let the guy keep the button after he explained he got screwed out of his own-

    And then told the community to stop harassing the guy.

    That article is just a desperate click bait attention grab that is skewing a tragic situation for page views because of all the other controversy. Linus has plenty to be ashamed of and to answer to, but trying to pin a suicide on him because of the current situation so you get clicks is just sick.


    This was very brave of Madison to do, especially with how LTT’s fanbase can lash out so harshly. Absolutely despicable manglement from LTT. Given the behavior we saw on camera on LTT’s channel, I assume much of the bad behavior she suffered was enabled and possibly even encouraged by the company’s culture itself.

    If anyone wants to support Madison directly, her Twitch about page has links to her Etsy Shop, her Amazon affiliated links, and her Patreon page. There are also links to her other socials. If you’ve canceled your Floatplane subscription or refrained from purchasing an LTT product as a result of recent developments, consider sending it to a creator who continued her career despite the major setback her former employer represented.


    I was never downvoted more on reddit as when I said that LTT videos are catchy and entertaining but often technical superficial or even wrong. And the thumbnails were insufferable.

    It looks like my opinion is becoming more mainstream.


    Yeah, I used to use them as rule of thumb type stuff, similarly to how I use Userbenchmark, but this whole thing is too yikesy for me, so I’ll be seeking my rules of thumb elsewhere.


    When they didn’t test the NVIDIA A100 with any FP64 workloads I gave up. Why bother testing what something excels at?

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    Sadly, in order to get good engagement on YouTube, you almost have to use insufferable thumbnails. Lots of creators have discussed this and how much they hate doing it.


    I’m a huge techie but never got into his stuff, and I couldn’t have told you why before but I think you nailed it. It always felt superficial, way too far down the entertainment side of things and not enough of the “actual testing and presenting good data” side of things.


    Your opinion is becoming more mainstream… like this segue, to our sponsor:

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    Their video today was likely slated to release on a timer, and was published before Madison’s accusations were posted.

    That and any lawyer worth their salt would make it clear that he should not comment on it yet.

    LMG is having one hell of a week. I’m sure they’ll comment on this eventually. I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

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    I'd imagine their legal counsel has advised them not to talk about an ongoing sexual harassment investigation.

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