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Hi everyone. I'm a long time smoker but only recently got into so when I first joined kbin and I saw there was no community yet I immediately set one up. Since then a couple of other fellow communities have sprouted up but we need to support each other so we can all flourish, so check out the sidebar where I have linked them!

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I was looking for a magazine on herbology, and found m/dryherbvapes/, Yay! I've been interested in herb vapes since I first heard of them in the mid 90s. I've used a lot of different ones over the years. The oldest design I currently use was based on vriptech, which is mentioned here (https://slyng.com/brands/vriptech-689). And the newest is a Mighty+, which I've used by itself, and also with a silicone tube to connect it to a bong filled with ice. I've tried a lot of them MFLB, Aristech Nokiva and Vivo, Apex Vape, and others.

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I just bought a globe bubbler so looking forward to running my mighty plus through water, though not sure I'd need ice for that. Have you tried a water pipe? What's it like through the bong?

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The mighty+ does a good job of cooling. However I live in a dry climate, and running the vapor thru the bong with ice adds some moisture, which is helpful.

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Ahh! Finally my people! I've been searching for so long for us :D

I was in pretty much every vaporizer related sub there was, mostly as a commenter! I'm excited to have a space to share information, recipes, and pics!

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Welcome!!! What's your favourite vape? And do you use a waterpiece? I'm looking to get one for my mighty as a friend of mine struggles with the higher temps

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Thank you! It's a tough choice, for desktop I have the VapeXhale Evo which takes the cake over the Arizer EQ and Volcano for me - just infinitely reloadable bong rips!

For portables it's tough. For a long time I loved my Grasshopper vape and it was pretty much unrivaled with a MaxVapor Power Adapter. But between the company and my device fading over time, I was looking for something to compete with it. I have the Solo 2, Mighty, a few Dynavaps, the PAX 3 and some other miscellaneous ones. They all serve their purposes pretty well, the PAX can vape for 30+ minutes when done right, the Mighty produces a lot of vapor for up to 12 minutes or so, and the Solo 2 can get two temp stepped 15 minute sessions. However, none of these are particularly amazing through water - the Mighty can definitely do it though (more on this in a bit :)) and left me dissatisfied from what the VapeXhale and Grasshopper can accomplish with water pipes.

I looked around for a while and I got the Tinymight 2 since it was the most similar to the Grasshopper - namely full convection, 5 second heat up time. And hoooly shit it just keeps surprising me. So for the portable line, the Tinymight 2 has taken the cake for me.

In regards to glass with the Mighty, I use 3DDeltaStudios whips, get a rubber band around an extra cooling unit and then that goes right into 14mm (but I use an adapter still). As I mentioned, the Mighty services glass pretty well but it's not fully to my preference, just as a byproduct of it being a session vape. What I tend to do is evaluate the pressure vs the airflow. Higher pressure (often associated with chug) usually means there is less airflow due to the resistance. Some vapes like this, some don't perform as well. Of course on the other end is that really fluffy percolation where it almost feels just like sucking through a straw - there is high airflow but there's a little resistance from the diffusion. For a mental comparison, think beaker bong vs. the once popular DHGate D020 bong.

There's a range for all pieces, but generally most vaporizers seem to prefer slight resistance high airflow - which is perfect because most vapes we control how much vapor we get natively with our breath - mouth to lung vs. cheek pressure lol.

So with all this in mind, I've found that for me I tend to prefer medium-small to medium sized glass with some resistance, small chug is okay but not much more than that. Not enough resistance (or too much!) and the Mighty just doesn't condense vapor in the glass (in a way that's satisfying to me!)

If you have a friend who struggles with higher temps on the Mighty, it could also be a byproduct of the "Bickle tickle" which is just something about the vapor the Mighty produces. I'd use warm water for them, but I've found that if I'm choking on my Mighty it'll happen with or without the glass in between hah!


Can't work out how to make a new thread, it just keeps going to the micro blog bit. So I'll ask here.
Has anyone got a good technique for getting reclaim out of a (what I'm guessing is) silicone whip? Is the best way to just do an alcohol rinse? Or can I just stick it in the fridge for a bit and it will crack off? Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Hi you make a new thread by selecting the + button and choosing Add New Article from the drop down.

About the whip you have a few options depending on how much there is and whether you want to reuse it.

If there is a enough and you want to reuse the whip, you can heat it up from the outside with some hot water (don't dip the end in because it will get inside and dilute). Then once it's softened you can squeeze it out with something like a rolling pin.

If there isn't much or you have a spare whip then it could be easier just to freeze it, cut it open, and scrape it off.

Yes you could rinse in 99% alcohol as you mentioned but I prefer not to because then you have to evaporate which is a whole other step and I'm too lazy!

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We're almost at 50 subscribers! Thanks everyone for your support! It means a lot to me in a difficult time of life. Much love.

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