philpem, avatar

There's a special place in hell for Spamhaus deciding to return a "spam" response for all queries from DigitalOcean droplets. Stunning to do this right before the easter holiday with zero announcement or notice. @spamhaus

kitten_tech, avatar

@philpem @spamhaus I've also had a legit "enter this code we email you to log in" email from Microsoft bounced by spamhaus today, too :-|

baljemmett, avatar

@philpem Queries from? Whoa. That's a dick move and a half.

philpem, avatar

@baljemmett Yep, they return a "spam" response code, and bounce the incoming email. No email for about 3 days, which is about when they hit the switch. It's hit CBL ( too.

philpem, avatar

@baljemmett Aye, turns out that's the reason emails have been bouncing.

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